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ATTENTION! Due to a large project I will be unable to continue updating this page for quite some time, thank you.

last updated: 3-4-99

Look at how many people have come here since 12/2/96 astounding really....
Here ye Here ye! Topknots Homepage is now in session! :o) ok I'm working on getting the kender stats but i have to look em up first. UPDATES: Trailjumper Greenleaf was added to the Order of The Flaming Chicken! .

Hello This is Topknot Thistleswitch kender extraordinaire and master of the taunt. I just created this page and i have no idea what i am doing! This page contains all kind of stuff about Kender dragonlance
You can mail me at and give me complements on my page or tell me without saying how much it sucks to do it better but i won't beg you to mail because that's not the way things work around here.

I expect to be adding more to this page soon so i don't get bored with it.
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  • Map of Ansalon

  • Stuff about me ME!!
  • My links!
  • things you might find in my pouch

  • The Order of the Flaming Chicken!
  • Kender Weapons and Items!
  • Funny Jokes About Men Not dealing with kender
  • Kendermore
  • News! (New)
  • Kender proverbs
  • Songs , Poems and Stories and General Information and Pizza Cats stuff
  • My Map of Ansalon(very scratchy)
  • A better description of Kendermore

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