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WELCOME to our magical, enchanted world. This is a spiritual realm where TRUTH, MYTH, and LEGEND abound. Come, and embark on a journey that will spark your imagination, expand your awareness, and increase your physical health in a most natural way. You are an Electric Traveler, or ET for short. I will issue you a new code name each time you arrive, this will insure your anonymity in this ever expanding world.
Today you are ET-

If this is your first visit to our realm, READ ON.
If you have been here before, then you have your key and you may enter at this door

The First Cycle-

This was a land of chaos. A total state of confusion. For those that roamed through the vast expanses of nothingness,there was no sorrow, however, neither was there any happiness. There simply was no awareness, thus it was void.

The Second Cycle-

Finally a day came to pass when the Elders of the first cycle would meet, and they would all dicuss the things they had seen in the void. Each had learned many things and armed with this new combined knowledge, they began to work together, creating order in the void. Many worlds were built and each was aligned with a star. As the Elders unravelled the the mysteries of order and alignment, they put each thing in it's proper place, and gave life to many of those worlds. The established rules the Ancients had now mastered, became the riddles of the beings of these worlds. Thus, the cycle begins again...

The Third Cycle-

part one

- During the first part of the third cycle, the Elders worked closely with the beings they had brought forth, nourishing them with the wisdoms of creation itself. These beings, however, were in their first cycle and did not understand the laws, so they ignored much of the ancient teachings, and strove for their own self awareness. The Elders endowed each life with an eternal force. A force independent of other forces, yet deeply linked to all other forces, so that the action of one would surely affect the outcome for all. Thus, the second part of this cycle began.

The Third Cycle-

part two

- Ah, this was a time of great merriment and of learning, learning to harness the power of the affinity that each one shared with every other. Still the creatures rebelled, and dismissed the Elders as one might dismiss a rude child. The Elders watched, as these new beings were going through the second cycle. Curious now, as to how these creatures would respond to their new found knowledge, the Elders rose up the to the very edges of the physical world where they stood with one foot still in the physical world and the other in the void. From here they could keep an eye on the worlds below without interfering.

The Third Cycle-

part three

- During the first nineteen hundred and eighty-nine years of the third part of the third cycle, the world's inhabitants steadily moved in ways independent of their Creator, without respect or regard for their surroundings, unknowingly creating a new void. But then one day, something happened. A miracle perhaps, for in the midst of chaos, a seed was planted. A seed of life, planted by the Elders, and for almost thirty years, it grew in the bowels of chaos. Then, suddenly it burst forth like a bolt, bringing forth the very spirit of the earth itself. The spirit of life, of love, and of wisdom.
Growth, and regeneration are, by their very nature, the essence of Life itself; and so it was with this seed.
Slowly, inch by precious inch, it grew; piercing the darkness of chaos with it's brilliant blue-white light, which shone from the core of it's soul. The embryo grew, with a self directing will, causing the darkness to run away and hide. This light of love and wisdom shone brightly now, continually growing...and so it is to this very day. The knowledge of life, of love, of natural healing, and majick. You will learn the secrets of the numbers, and to heal with a tea. Yes, all this and more shall be shared with you when you enter through this door.