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Last Updated 01/1/2008

In 1982, six men purchased a camp in the Greenwood Furnace area of Huntingdon County from Harvey Peachey. Original members included Bill Stroup, Larry Stroup, Blair Reams, Leo Curry, Dave Semler and Fern Carson. In 1986 John Kennedy was added as a member. Rumor has it he hung around camp long enough that they finally let him join. Semler and Carson left the camp in 1989 and were replaced by Toby Deeg. Unfortunately, Toby passed away two years later in 1991. That year, Dave Westover and Harry Sauder joined the camp. Then another blow was felt with the passing of Blair Reams, and in 1993 Larry Stroup sold his shares to join Belle Green Camp, and Rich Freed was invited to become a member in 1994. In 2001, it was decided to add 2 members to bring the total up to the allowable number. So John Mumper (July, 2001) and Jim Treaster (Sept, 2001) were invited (and joined) camp.

Current Camp Members

Uncle Bill


John K.




John M.


The Original band of Idiots - (Plus John)

Dave Semler, Leo Curry, Larry Stroup, Fern Carson, Bill Stroup, Blair Reams, John Kennedy

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