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Ok, so its been a while since I updated my webpage....something like 3 years. Welcome back!!! Lots has happened in my life since I last used this forum, so lets just see if I can get it all on here.
Here is a page i made of some of my favorite Bible verses.
I am a graduating senior at the University of Florida with a degree in finance. I am currently working for CCS Presentation Systems in a subcontractor style agreement selling multimedia projectors while I go to school. It's a great setup, I make my own hours and prety much determine for myself how much money I will make in a given month. It's great!
I am about to embark on a new part of my life. I am planning on attending Reformed Theological Seminary in Orlando Florida. There I plan to earn a Certificate in Theological Studies, basically to provide myself with a solid Biblical foundation on which to rest my entire life. While I am there, it looks like I will either still be selling projectors, or possibly working for a financial services company part time. If you are interested in seeing what I have been involved in, here is my resume

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