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OKS2007 / 16 Years

UPDATED: 08/12/09

.......................................................OKS Web page:13yrs

DEC 17,1990

This web page was established, November 3, 1995------->
PAGE UPDATED: 08/12/09

Operation Kersten Storm and the internet.....1995OKS

2 0 0 9 O K S

  • The Storm Center 10 years OKS, a look back
  • 2000 Down the Road, but not far.
  • 1990's decade.

    **OKS NEWS UPDATE** Aug 2009 ......Lansdale,PA-Aug12
    TK fall behind in 2009 on year's goals, next 3 weeks in august critical to gain momentum in position to end decade on positive note, as time management vital

    2009: most amount of travel miles total travel mile exceeds 40,000 as 2009 year most traveled..

    **OKS NEWS UPDATE** June 2009
    ......New Orleans,LA-Jun15
    TK arrives at gulf coast, in Louisiana's largest city, NewOrleans for first time..start of multi-city work trip includes Tampa,FL also..

    TK reaches Pacific Ocean for first time: Travel schedule leads to Southern CA for first time.. Early arrival for work week as LA area visited includes first time to see Pacific Ocean at Santa Monica Beach Jun01..


    **OKS NEWS UPDATE** Mar 2009
    Summer work travel schedule to open in SpringfieldMA, to include multiple cities: Cinncinnati,OH,LosAngeles,CA, NewOrleans,LA, Miami,FL,Ocala,FL.

    **OKS NEWS UPDATE** Mar 2009
    TK travels lead to return back to SW-US, as this one nearly cancelled due to weather in CO, trip leads to "first ever" claim..

    **OKS NEWS UPDATE** Jan 2009
  • Last year of 2000's decade, looking for a good one..

    **OKS NEWS UPDATE** OCT 2008
  • Philadelphia: massive crowds attend parade for Phillies World Series Championship-08

    Near miracle social outcomes over past few weeks pick up spirit,outlook & chance for year comeback

    TK travel picks up in '08 fourth quarter and 2009 travel expected to shatter previous total year mileage, as '08 destinations include: NewYorkCity, LittleRock,AR, SanAntonio,TX, Sumter,SC, and possibly Seattle,WA.

  • OKS economics sustain damage from market instability

    TK observes 1 year mark with company

    **OKS NEWS UPDATE** SEP 2008
    Irish Fest'08 will make top 3 best, as crowd grows to estimated 200,000 over weekend event.

  • TK transisitions career into Clinical Research, further stability as work/career options make 360 degree turnaround in 2 years.

    **OKS NEWS UPDATE** AUG 2008

  • Trip set for return to North Wildwood Irish weekend on September's 3rd week.

    Social outgoingness picks up over Labor Day weekend.

    1st full week vacation since 2003 runs well, includes low-cost return to WesternUS.

  • Employer ok's Villanova course set for Oct/Nov'08, 2 day time of set for pre-test dates.

  • Efforts continue to increase social scene in between learning new industry/career.

    TK last minute searching leads to economic oriented 4 day trip/return to LasVegas,NV(last time Dec.2002), may be last of "solo" outtings as first of such trips was Vegas in '02.

    TK returns to employment with travel options in effort to balance work/life interests.

    **OKS NEWS UPDATE** AUG 2008

    Night social outting at NJ shore goes well. as low cost events continue in 2008.

  • TK begins pivital social weekend:"x-mas in july theme" good in '03 hoping to be again in 5year return to SouthJersey theme.

    Work:Clinical research training: to Norfolk area as 1st 500miles in for 24hour initiation.

    First trip to study site for work training

  • Despite economic conditions, TK improves financial operating ability..as capital expenditures in works.

    TK hits job promotion to mark largest career/job expansion since UPS-Nov.1991.

  • TK: increased focus with work efforts over past 8 months lead to highest admin.production since working in role.

    **OKS NEWS UPDATE** MAR 2008

    ......San Antonio,TX-Mar29
    Despite tighter travel economics..TK distance travel during past 4 years has not slowed with trip to Texas,1780miles to South Texas first time to state.

  • **OKS NEWS UPDATE** FEB 2008

  • TK battles multi-increase rate attempts..due to economy..

  • 2008 trip planning 80% completed, one of location for first time: travel to Lone Star State: San Antonio/Austin-Late Mar'08

  • Work: Attendance approaches 3 years straight..perfect

    **OKS NEWS UPDATE** JAN 2008

  • Work: In for busy time in early 2008..

    TK completes one of greatest social goals, long sought for a few years..

    TK feels odds staked in his favor for a positive '08

  • TK not to take on PT-job in 2008.

  • Initial months of 2008-"offseason" as focus is on health maintenance & daily efficiency as initiatives for early part of year.

    **OKS NEWS UPDATE** DEC 2007

    NewYearsEve'07>08: a time for appreciation.., as 2nd year in row beat clock to arrive at destination with moments to spare before 12:00.

  • TK to return to NYC possibly in '08: as 95 mile trip much easier,lower cost than first throught..

    ........New York,NY - Dec29
    TK makes run to NYC, first since 2001, and first as being single, as night exciting-a high factor of social confidence leads to good outting in US largest city.

  • TK: only few days out from Year championship..as 2007 marks 2 excellent years in row..2006,2007 near "mirror image".

  • OKS07: social scene in Lansdale area best one so far as 2007 a good one for social life in hometown..

    Holiday weekend another good one as TK heads to Delaware for 4 day weekend,holiday shopping season ends with no stress last minute purchases..

  • TK on way to 2nd year championship in a row..

  • Solo efforts prove to be big in '07

    **OKS NEWS UPDATE** NOV 2007

  • TK states that November '07 most likely in top 10 months in OKS history.

    .......NE Phila-Nov21
    TK makes 14 straight as Thanksgiving Eve'07 a good one and travel to state of Delaware on tap for Holiday.

  • TK: spectacular year ending will make '07 better than '06., '07 well in reach for great year.

  • November 2007-starting to take '90's form.. as enthusiasm,energy grow in 1st half of month.

    Industry position: TK excels at grasping material thus far..

  • TK: high odds to move out state in some point in future.

  • TK investment research in hopes to offset rising costs of living in PA.

    ........Northeast philadelphia
    Social scene picks up as 2 months remain in 2007..

  • with employment situation improving.. focus turns to getting back on track with 1990 initiative for expanding balance..

    TK set for run at '06 repeat, as 2007 turns for better in year's "4th quarter"..and new employment off to good start..

    3rd straight halloween event marks Oct 2007 social life..as month of October closes, and a conservative one, except for weekend.

  • OKS: momentum up as TK sharp in late '07, hopes of a repeat of '06 in works..and a 10 year: 96-97, 06-07 repeat good years.

    Quest to have a repeat year in 07 now in reach, as TK ties 2006 in late September..on perm.job acquisition..

  • Expense/Income ratio: well balanced during 05,06,07 designed not to hold OKS down due to spending restraints..

  • Career path/options coming in focus..

    Interview efforts lead TK to perm.position with Pharma.Company as transistion to industry first one since April 28, 2000..

  • Last minute job search efforts lead to "perm." position and industry change.

  • September momentum carries on to job search..as OKS quest for an '06 repeat now in reach..as 2007 momentum shifts towards positive..job obtainment probably most significant thus far, despite extremely slow August, Late September flury nets perm.position.

    **OKS NEWS UPDATE** SEP 2007
  • Trouble brews with automotive area as car been running well for over 2 years, timing is not good.

    Despite Friday night problems, 2007 Fall Festival makes 8th straight since 1999 initation. Event continues to rank near top for years best events.

  • retirement account almost to pre-July levels as stocks re-bound from losses. TK looks into options with other real-estate transaction.

    **OKS NEWS UPDATE** AUG 2007
    Job search too quiet, changes hope to lead to more activity..

  • Slow employment process leads to Resume/interview concerns.


  • Another comeback effort needed...for career options...

  • TK: life-work balance obviously off in mid 2007 assessment status..as "change" a big part of immediate future..TK starts to question admin...as focus shifts towards psychology from career path.."early-lack of interest causes career problems"

    TK: transisition underway for change for career options, although setback today as interview "does not go well"..

  • instability fact of life in mid 2000's as focus is to specialize career options for increased stability. 2007 unexpected instability to lead to 2008 more stable.

  • Attendence perfect at Merck,pharma.company.. last time called out was 2005 as attendence record breaks old one at UPS in 1998 as Job attendence spans through 3 companies.

    Pre-planned trip in 07: Air travel deal leads to North Carolina for 3 day trip:"Research Triangle"/Central North Carolina, 1st time in area as TK passed through 50 miles to south in return trip from SC(1999).

  • 07 momentum... "disrupted" goal to pass 2006 now a big quest..

    Merck cuts jobs...but gives notice, 2weeks used to place Resumes out on Pharma Industry. No summer vacation as L.A. trip cut-out.

    "Lansdale Day" held in town, day also marks 3 years in Lansdale,PA, and the '07 year proofs not a bad decision for life options...

    **OKS NEWS UPDATE** MAY 2007

  • TK focuses on certification test for early June..

  • social "schedule" returns to normal as May good month..

    Weekend plans to include '05's AC bus trips with low cost option...

    ........Baltimore,MD-May 19
    Last minute decision leads to return to Pimlico..as trip thought to be cancelled, comes to life at last minute..as weekend marks summer of 2007 opening..

    **OKS NEWS UPDATE** APR 2007
  • Friend in hospital with health complication thoughts and prayers to a speedy recovery.

    Adversity at work, as feedback not good for work standing as TK in disagreement with assessment...

    TK steps closer to first U.S.West Coast trip to LosAngeles/SanDiego,CA possibly in mid-August.

    TK:OKS 2007 social scene one of the most exciting as 4th month rolls..

    Work intense, as TK to transistion towards career stability over next months.

    **OKS NEWS UPDATE** MAR 2007

    Night's social scene significant for continuing momentum, lowering stress as week ahead looms with importance..

    one of the biggest work/career tasks during next few weeks: week may make/break administrative options on career efforts..

    return flight, high winds cause pilot to make 2nd approach at Philadelphia International aiport.

    TK returns to South Florida for 4th time in 2000's...low cost options keep trips feasible and continuing..another to be planned for '07.

  • Opening social scene 2007: weather only thing that stands in way..for 5th trip to Florida.

    TK makes bid for perm.positions

    **OKS NEWS UPDATE** FEB 2007

  • TK to open '07 social year Mar02 in South Florida..ending winter season of conservation..

  • .....Blue Bell,PA-Feb19
    TK closes in on attendance record set 1998, amazingly as it run through job transisitions stemming back from USPS, travel job, and current one..

  • Conservative efforts in hopes to net returns through '07..

  • downtown Philadelphia fire hits location/spot for "acting" option effects from fire not known yet on this venture..

  • "off-season" on as conservative efforts to keep balance for '07 upcoming initiatives, including the Mar02 opening "social year" in South Florida..as current time in life most like like grand finally..for single life,

    **OKS NEWS UPDATE** JAN 2007
  • Timing,cost options, lead TK back to Florida for 1st March trip to state since 1999.

  • TK to ride momentum as long as possible, going for another 365 days,

  • 2006 YEAR: 2006OKS best one in OKS history.."full of comeback moments,and for "overall balance in life" Best: Not as good year to great year since 1989-1990: 2005-2006"

    New year's theme defines them for entire year, comeback night after celebrations start off on wrong note..

    **OKS NEWS UPDATE** DEC 2006

  • TK sets multiple personal records in '06 year, greatest comeback year since '89-'90 as no major obstacles seen for 2007.

    TK: 2006, greatest year in OKS history, as year marks first one clear of obstacles in time of independence/solo.

    Holiday weekend underway, as family rejoins for Holiday dinner.

    Production increases at work as more responsibility is acquired,

    DEC 17,1990

    ......King of Prussia,PA-Dec17
    On the eve of the 16th OKS anniversary/adoration day-TK positive outlook turns social adversity into eve of prosperity.

    First company/work event for December.

    **OKS NEWS UPDATE** NOV 2006

  • 4 day Thanksgiving weekend adds energy, storylines to an already highlighted 2006 year..

    TK arranges "social comeback" on night as beginning of night deemed as "loss" until ongoing conversation efforts capture girl's attention and more..

    Another wild one, wild weekend in casino city,as 2006 "playoffs" continue,

    TK increases production/knowledge at job..

  • OKS '06 plan in progress to strengthen life balance with use of sedimentary desk job environment, towards effort to finalize life comback

  • 2006 year pace on way to hold personal records in 5 areas.., as mind set for 2007 to be better a large challange..

    Social life firing on all cylinders in late 2006... multi-facet options give TK best setup comparable to 1990s.

  • OKS return to South Florida set for March'07...

  • OKS: expectations for November,December 2006...

    **OKS NEWS UPDATE** OCT 2006

    Comeback year in progress, trip north to Lehigh valley last minute decision for mid-October weekend.

  • Conservation efforts on, as gear up begins for end of year/holiday time period to be good, as '05 was missed with due to work...


    ......Atlantic City,NJ-Sept30
    September's social initiatives help make Summer of 2006 one of best, and one of most memorable during time of independence.

  • Miles traveled in 2006 breaks previous mark by large margin.

  • TK to slow down area travel during 3weeks in October, as initiatives focus on re-structuring computer options at home, local area, Nov/Dec and 2007.

    Second trip in month 118 miles away turns out fine, as 6th straight year at Wildwood-IrishFest a good one.

  • October expected fairly quite as economic conservation will be on and preparation for strong November/December.

  • N.Wildwood,NJ weekend may mark '06 comeback year strong social options may present greatest social year in 7 years..,weekend marks close to a good Summer season.

    TK discovers new social option in "Old City" entertainment district..

  • OKS to head back to N.Wildwood-Irish Fest for 6th straight year..

    Tennessee trip another solo one, another good one,despite delay in arrival..

    1st time to Tennessee as, Decision not to travel to south florida for 1st time in 3 years a good one, social efforts good in Music city as weekend opens Sept'06.

    Weather in Philadelphia delays flight for close to 4 hours, TK social efforts come through during delay..

    **OKS NEWS UPDATE** AUG 2006

  • Impending tropical storm may cancel flight to Tennessee..

  • driving miles decrease with prime job location in the Lansdale area.

  • Internet social options increase as myspace activity increases, summer'06 a good one, as it was 10 years ago.

  • Trip to TN scheduled for Early Sept/Labor Day weekend for first time to state.

    .......Bethlehem,PA-Aug 13
    MusicFest crowd estimated at 75,000 sunday night due to firework display/Heart concert..as weekend social scene good.

    .......Atlantic City,NJ-Aug 12
    TK reaches south Jersey/Wildwood via bus..first time travel to area on bus. as - summer roadtrip weekend on.

  • early '90's decision to diversify Education,Employment exper. may have opened opportunity for current track...

  • another form of a comeback appears again over weekend.


  • all areas on rise as stability increases, TK determination, focus shows signs of increase as 2006 on track to be a good year..

  • Part-time job kept on to add to Summer'06 initiatives.

    TK to further computer/technology ability at home, as personal production of OKS-DVD release to be scheduled for late 2007 & current internet initiatives on front burner resemble efforts of '95.

  • '05-'06 employment efforts re-assess fear for future generations in America.

  • Financial balance getting back on track.

    Employment situation answered in 2nd interview comeback effort, as job situation stable for a least 2 years.

    Despite schedule, changes, OKS social scene in '06 continues to move strong.

  • TK taking on slight financial losses, but focus on maintaining balance..

  • TK gears up for interview at Merck, Inc., long career search efforts continue in quest to achieve closest "balance".

    ......Lewes Beach,DE-Jul03
    Holiday weekend/July4th locations in multiple points despite $3+/Gal fuel costs OKS record tri-state 600 mile travel entails NJ,DE beach locations..

  • Re-submitted airfare lowers cost to Nashville, TN as airfare ties record low set in '05. 4 day Music City location for first time to Tenn.


  • Latest job acquisition efforts to include focus on re-acquiring "Adrenaline factor" as obtained while employment at UPS..

  • OKS: as Nightlife loosing returns, as social traits in society change as well as age factors, and need to "gear up for life after singlehood" bar/club scene getting more difficult to put up with..TK to reduce time and redirect efforts to more productive options. Regular nightlife scene to be retired by late 2006.

    Heavy Rains cause problems around area..although daily needs not effected.

    OKS acquires internet social options for first time since 1995..which include the IRC, Myspace, Yahoo messenger/voice.. in efforts to increase momentum through the mid 2000's.

    OKS: technology updates having effect on production/timeliness..,laptop, wireless internet acquired to assist with '05 employment comeback efforts...

  • Relocation a possibility if no significant career possibilities in Philadelphia area by Late August..

  • OKS: Low-cost international travel continuation may be right around corner..

  • TK involved in major battle for career obtions, life balance may hang in efforts over next several months.

    with ever increasing competition element, even part-time acquisition efforts require more effort to obtain.

    Solo options continue as OKS movement confident in '06 year, Summer2006 plans to head to the South-Central-US: Nashville,TN over Labor Day weekend in Early September..

  • Technology acquisitions to help bring win for latest employment search options..

  • Efficient technology spending yield big returns as new computer,DVD player,video projection capabilities, DVD,CD burners acquired..after delay OKS poised to bring up new website..

    **OKS NEWS UPDATE** MAY 2006
  • Attempts in progress depending on employment sitation to possibly hit CA or TN as airfare competition opens up lower costs over short term.

  • Summer '06 opens in area..looking back:1996:10 Years 1996-2006.

  • Short term employment options great financially since March 05, but create challenge at interview times in 2006.

  • TK options provides for "new set of downs" as economic stability remains good through next couple of months.

  • Employment options search continues...observation: Companies sending jobs overseas more often, converting FT jobs to Part-Time to avoid paying benefits, and going more with Temporary jobs & agencies..all part of the American greed-value added only movement.

    .......NE philadelphia-May27
    OKS: '06 social scene best yet, comparable to 1993,1996-97., As month of May is excellent despite job unstability.

    '06 Preakness return planning perfect down to last details.

  • 2006:OKS social grand final year? as nightscene expected to be retired by years end, Summer '06 to include a Preakness Stakes/Baltimore,MD return 2x's.

    TK to return to employment search

    **OKS NEWS UPDATE** APR 2006
    Minnesota work and travel position to end April 28.

    3 day Holiday weekend @ Home for Easter weekend 2006


    Taxes completed in time for 4/17 deadline...

    No more bad month of March, OKS 2nd weekend in area goes well, passes the 500 mile mark in Twin-Cities region driving-including 4/1 trip into Iowa.

    **OKS NEWS UPDATE** MAR 2006


  • Month of March bad-streak to end in 2006,

  • TK to return for 2nd weekend in TwinCities.
  • Home-Philadelphia area-March24-26
  • away-Minneapolis/St.Paul-March31-Apr.2
  • Home-Philadelphia area-Apr7-9
  • Home/away-Philadelphia/Delaware-Apr14-16
  • away-Baltimore,MD-May19-21

    OKS social related expenditure expected to reach record highs over next months..

    2 week stay in Upper Mid-West underway, as TwinCities weekend for March goes well with 217 mile travel option-Minnesota/Wisconsin.

    Travel options increase, as weekend schedule gets different look.

    **OKS NEWS UPDATE** FEB 2006
  • OKS employment in 2006: 75% interview/job return %.

    ........Saint Paul,MN-Feb22
    TK work commute @ 1170 miles..as learning/skills on job site increases

    OKS first trip to Mall of America for post work social scene. ........Minneapolis,MN-Feb07
    OKS job related assignment leads to land of 10,000 lakes, TK expected to remain in the Minneapolis/St.Paul area until March.

    Travel job corporate orientation leads to first trip into large Canadian city.. Social scene: TK international option opens '06 look...

  • TK to take travel job-'06 to get new look on schedule/areas.

    **OKS NEWS UPDATE** JAN 2006

    ........Lansdale,PA-Jan31: Employment Quest Update:
    OKS receives travel job offer...attempts to negotiate for other....Travel job would bring better than expected economic stability but may jepordize social life..

  • Decision announcement to keep OKS social scene away from today's age "Commercialization" of socializing.. ........Lansdale,PA-Jan21
    OKS expands internet capabilities, timing key for job search options as January activity looks good.

  • OKS looks to internet to expand options for social,information,website..

  • DSL internet option first step as work continues through week to get new website up and running.

  • Temp.job expires, TK to hit employment continuation options this week.

    Seasonal employment option works out better than expected -covers December,January..but active Career options underway in effort to stabilize schedule/balance..

  • TK no NewYearsEve for '05, as first on work schedule on December 31 since 1990. New Year 2006: work early no significant social schedule until March'06..

  • TK new consecutive work hours per single pay week:75.36hr WE01/07/06, old last Feb'05 66.00hr.

    **OKS NEWS UPDATE** DEC 2005
    DEC 17,1990
  • new internet site currently in works after delay related to employment situation.

  • plans in works to capitalize on 2005 temp jobs as extra income during 2006 year

    TK works 46hr.week first 40+week since Late February of this year.

    **OKS NEWS UPDATE** NOV 2005
    Late November job feedback good as TK hits his own "4th & 26", temp job pay good to stabilize December,January.

  • 2005 driving miles to top out @ 21,000+

    No signs of a slowed social scene in November as Thanksgiving weekend a big in this 2005 year..another 300+ mile weekend.

    .......Atlantic City, NJ-Nov20
    Mid November05: First AC night trip in 2 years, OKS social scene on mark at Tropicana casino: Quarter mall/dining area. First year solo social efforts going well..

  • Thanksgiving weekend to bring mix of work and social scene.

  • active interview week sheds new light on OKS job comeback efforts, and efforts to save 2005 year...

    .......Fort Washington,PA-Nov19
    Part-time job options effective at slowing financial losses during employment/career transistion period.

    Promising solo social movement continues strong in November, once job situation settled a "just about" guarantee of success in store for upcoming time frame as confidence,outgoingness prominent for solo social life demonstrated during past 10 & 1/2 months.


  • 2005 social scene good, as months of November,December expected strong as quest for milestone continues..

    Costume creativity ads flair at Sunday night holloween outing, as first time for nightlife photos taken.

  • **OKS NEWS UPDATE** OCT 2005

    TK hits business park on foot in late October effort to sell abilities, battle current economy/job market-in search of options to extend choices..

  • TK to decide how far to extend career efforts in last 2 months of 2005, adverse economic impact begins, although interview numbers strong in October.

  • Lack of career interests through lifetime causing major problems in 2005, and will continue if go "unsolved".

    OKS in middle of quest for year turnaround if key interviews go well...

    Part-time temp job area looks non-promising as license test efforts run poorly.. efforts to try to capitalize on "Medicare Part-D"..

  • All areas down for start of month,social,economic,employment..


    ......North Wales, PA-Sept28

  • Late Septmember interview goes well, as efforts to get back to job track continue into 2005's 10th month..

    ......North Wildwood,NJ-Sept25
    3 day weekend trip runs well and cost saving efforts work out, as annual South Jersey September trip continued in 2005...

    ......North Wildwood,NJ-Sept24
    TK quick response gets him out of big problems, as excellent Festival/trip turns out well, but could have been a problem..

    OKS looks to next week for employment option, in search of real-life game winning drive and '05 comeback year..

  • Job situation a test for OKS-1990's psychology..as job/career win would seal 2005 comeback, in stress-filled year.

  • Despite '05 job challanges OKS keeps September/social line-up active with upcoming weekend trip to North Wildwood-Fall Irish Festival.

    TK on "hot seat" as '06 balance & beyond rely on current job search efforts. OKS looking to proclaim 2005 as a comeback year...

  • Interview options has location in Pittsburgh,PA as quest & determination may lead to National travel job..during this expanded addition of job possibilies..

    ......Miami Beach, FL-Sept 3
    OKS social scene shines in South Florida despite job uncertainty..as 3rd straight trip to Fort Lauderdale/South Beach runs well at low cost..

  • Florida05

  • interviews continue to move in as "do or (financially)die" job search underway..

    **OKS NEWS UPDATE** AUG 2005
    Fuel prices to exceed $3.00/gal to cause financial uncertainty during job search time.., TK re-opens job search with 7 hour effort..

    OKS to pound job market, in search for employment stability increase as TK makes decision to leave printing industry..

  • OKS Recessionary times will occur unless late August effort convert to job stabilization as high fuel cost no job situation tighten expenditure.

  • TK risk taking and efforts for a must pay-off situation needed,

  • Despite job situation OKS good for Florida, South Jersey in September

    ........North Wales,PA Aug26
    OKS pushes forth with interviews..after unexpected news of employment separation, as "bold" moves might have initiated employment release, decisions not bad as job assessment deamed "unstable" from beginning.

  • OKS set for 3rd consecutive year to travel down to South Florida
  • as timing just misses Florida Hurricane.

  • September travel options include Florida,NJ Shore expenditure..as Irish Fest gets weekend stayover for first ever in apartment rental.


  • TK set to invest additional $5000 into OKS initiatives for '06 year.. including bringing internet into home.

  • 2006 social lineup-may be best ever, set to include 5 NJ shore weekends,2 US travel trips..

    Month of July numbers strong, economic factors,productivity, intensity rises..social activity on rise..

  • Job acquisition brings things back to normal..

  • Mid-Summer Airfare specials send TK back to South Florida for 3rd straight year..during Labor Day weekend.

    OKS to upgrade technology/internet options in 10year anniversary of OKS internet website...OKS to unvail new website on Nov.03,2005..

  • 1st work week @ new place of employment underway, first 40+ week since late February.

    ........Wildwood,NJ-July 16
    429 mile :Employment acquisition tour as destinations include Smyrna,DE - NorthEast Philadelphia, Wildwood,NJ,Bensalem,PA then back to Lansdale. Low cost 3 day trip takes to road in local area run..as social scene turns strong..

  • will mid-July employment option avoid 2005 as "bad" year,

    ........North Wales, PA-July 13
    TK passes independent life's "FIRST TEST".."1990's outlook prepares for situations such as this.."

    ........North Wales, PA-July 13
    Last minute offer/notice sends TK back to work...OKS employment efforts payoff in 5th month of job search as efforts exceeds location, salary targets, through hold-out.

    ........Lansdale,PA-July 6
    Job hunt situation reaches "5th" month, as battle continues, Part-time job option in shipping industry to provide time options as unemployment limitations loom..

  • OKS: will take a significant postive event to place 2005 on list of "good" years..,as this year may be first "not so good one" in OKS era..

  • Summer social scene takes impact from unemployment situation.., a call-off of '05 social events may be in store..as with '04 rebuilding for future most important for now..

    ........Philadelphia, PA-July 2
    Despite job stresses, TK hits "live 8" center city/world event on last minute decision, as crowd estimates of 450,000 attend..

    TK to reject another offer, as salary levels come in under previous-steady hold to goals, as part-time job acquisition should buy more time as employment battle continues..

  • Part-time job to put OKS back on benefit books...& continue options..time..,but mid-summer employer highering slowdown looms..

    ........Norristown, PA - June10
    2nd interview opportunity increases as number of interviews in June already close to exceeding the number in April, as June activity continues strong for 1st week's start.

  • Summer's social endevors threatened by OKS economic recession..,last minute efforts may save '05 from title of sub-par year.. which would be first one since 1989.

    **OKS NEWS UPDATE** MAY 2005

    2nd interview hopes to be the "one" as job search expenses continue to rise as tight time approaches...

  • Unemployment situation takes toll on the 2005 year, despite surge in interview opportunities as May'05 number of interviews 10+.

  • Memorial Day weekend one of low spending..as "economic recession" and uncertainty leave OKS social scene turns slowly..as stress level rise,

  • OKS in midst of economic recession as 2005 off to rough start, OKS spending provisions depend on timing of employment acquisition..

    .......Warminster,PA - May 13
    OKS job search focuses on past employment industries of shipping/advertising...as recent efforts of targeted companies include Transcontinental Direct, FedEx/Kinkos corp., Resolve corp., DHL express. Horizon-Direct transport co., Government employment & USPS also a focus as May's interviews top previous months.

  • May history continue to be on the positive side, as for May 2005: "An employment win would rank near top as most signifcant May event."

    **OKS NEWS UPDATE** APR 2005

  • Former employer layoffs continue, as word comes in that former department affected in past round of layoffs..

    .......Hatfield,PA - Apr22
    OKS turns down job offers due to salary/economic fit, as time factor of higher value..

    .......Philadelphia- Apr.8
    Wmmr concert event a good one at Temple Univ., as social scene picks up despite unemployment status.

  • OKS: looks to weigh "time options/career search" with risk of financial loss looms...as TK looks to make 3rd job-the career charm...

    .......Glenside,PA - Apr.5
    First "2nd interview round" since April 2000, interview question/answer went well, job offering under salary target..negotiation round set to see if "new job possible"..

  • Unexpected employment search for Mar/April..not as ominous as severence package/unemployment keep financial worries at bay..

    **OKS NEWS UPDATE** MAR 2005

  • OKS: plans to increase job search activities, tommorrow's Job Fair on tap, but "non-traditional job seeking expected to win next round of employment.."

    .......Bensalem, PA - Mar 26
    the second of 2 weddings in month: trip to lower Bucks, then NE philadelphia, then to Delaware for first Holiday Day weekend in time of independence..

    .......NorthEast Phila-Mar12th
    weekend wedding in Bristol & NE phila nightout as TK returns to lower Bucks County for first time in 4months.. & another Mid March weekend, with low spending but good returns.

  • OKS questions timing of sedimentary type job in this stage of life now that decision is forced upon, responding in a postive manner is only choice as OKS comeback must remain at a high level...TK must capitalize on company's severance offer..

  • job situation brings loss of 188 hrs of "descretionary time",although positive result now is the decision to go out multiple times during the 1990's.

    .......Colmar,PA - Mar 3
    "Real world" situation hits OKS first "first main" real life adversity, Economic Layoff leaves TK unemployed.. unemployed status in effect for 1st time since 1989, loss of job situation hits only 3 months into life independance,

    .......Colmar,PA - MAR 3
    an unexpected bad day: as last day @ Vertis as layoff affect jobs in company including mine, employment,plans...as March "badness.." continues for 2005.

    **OKS NEWS UPDATE** FEB 2005
  • Plans for social time restructuring underway, as age factors represent high challanges although other factors provide great chance..

    .......Rahway, NJ - Feb.5
    2005 social element off with great start, although how long can "Late 90's" OKS social life run for.

    2005 year opens with 12hr.work week to "fuel" 88+ vacation hr.social scene plan, which may include a CA trip, 65hr.work week schedule to remain into Late March.

    .......NE Phila. Feb.06
    superbowl XXXIV: full of hope for a Philadelphia victory, and following parade would have added to 05 social line-up..

  • Own city's football team to Represent in Superbowl XXXIV.

    **OKS NEWS UPDATE** JAN 2005
  • 2005's 170hr+ timeoff allowance is greatest amount in OKS work history..last highest 1999.

  • 2002-2005 Solo outtings,trips,and ideas make transition smoother than expected..

    OKS "Social HR.." during "opening drive", social prosperity during initial outlay to give boost during indepence w/social confidence.

    .......Lansdale,PA January 1,2005
    January 1st, 2005, TK/OKS RUNS INDEPENDENT..,100% finance,100% self-dependency run well during initial weeks of 2005..

  • OKS outlays goals/provisions for Independence/lifetime.

    **OKS NEWS UPDATE** DEC 2004

    .......NE PHILA, Dec.31.04
    OKS'2004 year comes to a conclusion, as 13th straight year of greatness.. 2004 for being a "transistion" year, better than expected.

  • New Year's Eve Celebrations not as good as previous,although '04 a good one.

  • Holiday04 season/December another good one.

  • TK heads towards another year with perfect work attendance..
  • OKS observance December 17th with day off from work.
  • 2004:work hours for year total most..mid 2000's to bring more work..
  • OKS:"2004, a year better than expected..,a '04 filled with change,planning,and returns..

    .......King of Prussia,PA-Dec.04
    OKS hits Montgomery county area in November/December run since relocating,as solo living delayed for short time...

    OKS to bring 160+ vacation hours into 2005, as not all expected to be used in year..Vacation line-up planning underway.

    **OKS NEWS UPDATE** NOV 2004
    .......Willow Grove,PA-Nov.28
    Holiday Mall shopping underway...an early start for "Black Friday" as Thankgiving weekend/OKS social scene runs well..

    .......South Philadelphia-Nov.24
    Social scene picks up, as Thanksgiving eve runs well as night opens 4 day weekend. Holiday weekend in new locations.

    OKS focus: on transistion to independence, skills investment of top priority as well as work/social balance..

    "Thanksgiving Eve 2004" to mark milestone... as the 11th & 12th month of '04 may turn 2004's rough start into strong ending..

    .......OKS sets sights on NOV/DEC social scene & transistion.. "time of intensity" 1990's provisions and promise lives on as TK soon to go solo..

    TK leaves 2nd job, after racking in 7 weeks of a 65hr.work week..may be one of the highest work endurance times ever. OKS WORK PRODUCTION per top 5 year's work hours logged:


    **OKS NEWS UPDATE** OCT 2004
    .......Lansdale,PA - Oct.4
    OKS marks day number 5,000 since establishment on January 26, 1991.

    .......Chalfont, PA
    Second job acquistion to balance 2004 spending budject, OKS for first time since early '91 slows friday night social run...until 100% independence..

  • close to 2 year solo outtings hopes to make 100% transistion smooth..signs show of just that occuring

  • November/December 2004 to have new look,new opportunities

  • work accumulation of vacation days reaches 140 hr + mark, as 2004 total work hours will reach highest ever..

  • Despite 2004 transistion year, social scene expected to surpass the 100/500 mark...for 5th straight year..

  • social scene runs with low returns, though 2nd job activated for November/December 2004 expenses..

    2nd job activation part of dual-effort goal, economic forcast stabilized for short time as work week reaches 65 hours...

    ........NorthEast Phila-Sept4
    Labor Day weekend spending verylow as conservative efforts expected until late November...

  • OKS return to North Wildwood,IrishFest to mark 5th straight...9/24-9/26

    new location saves 150mile/week..as travel/auto miles slow up..

    **OKS NEWS UPDATE** AUG 2004
  • 2004 vacation days lowest spent in work history, as work hours combined expected to reach record high...

    NJ shore weekend party a result of "new" social communication.. as wild weekend scene marks part of an above expected Summer of 2004.

    ........Lansdale,PA - July22
    Gradual move to new location completed, as home up and running...


    Despite '04 transistion time Social scene runs strong....

    Summer'04 vacation plans bring OKS back to Late June NJ shore...

    ......Quakertown,PA June 2

    After 1yr+ of home search, ends with Settlement on location in Lansdale,PA..
    OKS lands mortgage rate under 5%..
    Unloading 12 years of savings.., as things come together in final weeks before forced move out..

    **OKS NEWS UPDATE** MAY 2004
    ......Lansdale, PA May 19
    Breaking News: TK signs agreement with Home in Lansdale,PA
    Long road in home search over, as deal is reached only 2months to spare..
    After 8 attempts agreement is reached with only 2 weeks until settlement

    .......Fort Lauderdale,FL May 22
    OKS' 3rd out of state, Flight to FLL as weather,cost turn out well..
    OKS Florida Vacation the first with "live photos" posted on site..

    .......Lansdale, PA May 16
    Another near miss at Landale, Montgomery Co. home location, causes step up in quest for 100% independence run from Mortage Rate climb fears...

  • Summer 2004 vacation plans set which include Mid-June week vacation at south Jersey shore point...

  • RealEstate market conditions concern OKS for ability of a home as a significant return on spending,

  • 3 day trip and return to SouthFlorida,Fort Lauderdale with low cost one of summer 2004 highlights, Another solo trip to add in life-transistion..

  • OKS social scene 2003/2004: 40% of all outtings going solo...unlike 1990's with only about 10%.

  • Possible plans to travel to Raleigh/Durham, NC in late July..

  • PFHA loan helps keep location goals in range with below 5% rate qualifications.

    **OKS NEWS UPDATE** APR 2004
    Repairs completed(auto accident), close call..as final cost after undiscovered transmission problems top the $9000.00 mark..insurance covers loss..TK avoids $4000 loss..

  • April social scene continues to best start in 4 years...

  • OKS agreement with model/talent agency-Allentown,PA for co-worker options to combine social/work elements, plans to meet Saturday 4/17.

  • OKS short on Warminster location-single house Offer, RealEstate Market auction in progress..

    .........Quakertown, PA-Apr.1
    OKS Independence run heats up as multiple offer run short, housing search most active since start in March 2003..

    **OKS NEWS UPDATE** MAR 2004

    Despite "bad luck" month social scene hangs on strong, 1990's psychology evidence comes through, first time signs of a continuing comeback faces real-life situations. OKS: this is only the first step, a first test...

    OKS plans strike back in May 2004, planning to hit multiple areas...

    worst month of life situational occurances turns up in more than 13 years, OKS 1st auto accident "close call" in numerous areas, losses could have been much worse..

    March 16-OKS suffers work-related losses in March 2004, as month not taking any steps towards getting better,

    ........Richboro, PA - Mar.11,2004
    1st moving auto accident since 1st getting behind wheel in Mar.1991 occurs, causing $6000+ in auto damage, minor physical injury reported-but could have been much worse...insurance coverage lessens economic losses, rates expected to rise,but not by much..

    ........Dublin, PA - Mar.06,2004
    OKS comes up short in bid for Dublin realestate transaction, despite market conditions, "I will not step across financial boundries, and restrict growth in other areas"...

    **OKS NEWS UPDATE** FEB 2004
    ........Dublin,PA - Feb.20,2004
    100% independence quest takes new turn as un-published house expected to go up for sale within 10 days, OKS to make run prior to market.. OKS: Green lights move to new location depending on obtaining expected if house provisions/cost OK.

  • Social scene picks up in February, as Valentines day, Marti-Graz Tues, were and are expected to be good.

  • Central Bucks County, questions if this location OK in drive for social comeback, as far as investment value, no better place...

    **OKS NEWS UPDATE** JAN 2004
  • Plan for Shore house in '04, may be on hold until 2005 as 100% independence quest will take early'04 spotlight.

  • OKS2004: What is store for '04!, weather,illness starts off '04 on no good note..

  • OKS: 2003 year in top 5 greatest since 1990.

  • 2004 concert scene: Fleetwood Mac coming back to Philly, sometime during Summer'04.

    2003....another significant year as 13 straight and continuing..

    **OKS NEWS UPDATE** DEC 2003
    2003DEC 17,1990

    TK cancels New Years trip to OH&ILL, in efforts to shape mid 2000's during 5 day '03/'04 vacation..better use of free time..

    .......Northeast Philadelphia-Dec.30
    one of 2003's highlights: Solo outtings, indication of positive affects on independence transition, confidence,

    2003OKS: year of anticipation, OKS hits 13 straight great years.. & 40+ work week does not slow social life..

    Holiday shopping goes down to last moments..last minute purchases.. Time off from work brings forth rejuvenation..& reacquaintence..

    .......Northeast Philadelphia-Dec23
    OKS social scene outstanding in month of December'03, as holiday season &'03s last weeks better than expected, as OKS social scene excellent in November & December...

    Social scene keeps going well through December, week of December 17th expected to hit all days..

    .......Willow Grove,PA-Dec.12
    Classic social area hightens 2003 social scene @ malls during christmas shopping season..

    .......Richboro,PA-Dec 6
    Slow start to December as SnowStorm hampers weekend efforts..

    Plans for possible trip to Chicago,ILL during 1st weekend in 2004, if economics permit..

  • OKS 2003: November '03 excellent month OKS places high work & social numbers, as quote total breaks 300 mark during final work day of month

  • OKS November social scene resembles 1990's form...as "Time of Intensity" continues..

    **OKS NEWS UPDATE** NOV 2003

    .......NE Philadelphia-Nov.26,
    "Thanksgiving Eve" crowds appear to slightly lighter than past years, OKS wonders if '03 T-day eve out will be last one..

    OKS social scene: plans for 6+ hour "Thanksgiving eve" for nightlife biggest night out, a 6:00pm start & 3:30am finish,

    no quit, strong patience key to OKS legacy completion, a superbowl of phychology and outlook in life...as worst to first dream draws near...

    Reality TV interest in America should worry parents, others...OKS questions American morality,unity as Material movement seems to increase.

    Can OKS seal social legacy during year ending months of November/December and close a December 1990 promise...adrenaline, intensity on rise for end of year run....

    New Look/style underway, rolls out limited spending...

    Holiday season year-ending drive both begin...

    .........Montgomeryville,PA - Nov.5,2003
    November 1st opens "Time of Intensity" Nov/Dec months run #13, Year 13 under OKS era, work production, social production on high pace...

    **OKS NEWS UPDATE** OCT 2003

    '03 pace seems very fast as October comes and goes..

    .........Dublin, PA-Oct.25
    Home search enters latest stage as offer placed on location in Dublin,PA.

    OKS independence takes turn in '03, as options are open, allthough slight unbalance occurs...


    Summer of 2003 will be another one remembered.. Despite rainy summer weekends in early May/June this one will stand out, September 2003 OKS best ever, OKS heads towards 2003's 10th month...as fall begins,

    .........North Wildwood, NJ-Sept19
    4th time Irish Fall Fest weekend "summer of 2003" final, summer ends with exciting weekend in South Jersey...

    .........Chalfont, PA - Sept 11
    Stability grows in job as another pricing account is obtained,

  • OKS plans to return again to South Jersey Fall festival Sept 19th.

    .........Miami Beach,FL-Sept 7
    Planning runs well, as low cost trip yields high social returns...
    5 day vacation best solo run yet..

    .........Pompano Beach,FL-Sept 5
    OKS hits South Florida during early September 2003 solo run.., Fort Lauderdale and Miami metro area, trip once again with low expense, airfare lowest yet.

  • Second vacation day stretch most significant yet, location set for South Florida-Ft.Lauderdale & Miami Beach for five day early September run.

  • OKS risks unsettle time of weather in southern US, as Atlantic Hurricane season at it's peak and as hurricane Fabian turns in far carribean.

  • 2003 travel miles runs over the 3700 mark.....*highest in OKS history* trips to Columbus,Cleveland-OH,Wildwood,Atlantic city,NJ,Baltimore,Annapolis-MD,Virginia Beach,Norfolk-VA,and Miami,FL.

    **OKS NEWS UPDATE** AUG 2003

  • research underway for a "best fit" situation....

    .........Virginia Beach,VA
    Solo runs highest in OKS history, as efforts to strengthen and "turn" psychology towards effective independent living...

    .........Hatboro,PA-Aug 7

  • Bid for house placed, near miss, offers slightly below other bid...

    .........Richboro,PA-Aug 22
    Balance of financial means, social, work key factors to OKS success during times of change...

    ........Atlantic city, NJ-July 26
    Summer '03 brings upon a new look, look of change, as solo runs intensify, OKS expected to go 100% independent @ any day now....

    ........Levittown,PA-July 4
    4th year Independence day party runs with an unexpected event, as near fire breaks out in neighborhood, situation may make next years party to be scaled down.

    **OKS NEWS UPDATE** MAY 2003

    .......Chalfont, PA-May 29
    OKS to mark 3 years employment @ Webcraft/Vertis on May 30th, although economy takes toll on industry/stability, hopes not deminished.

  • Month of May productive scene goes well: 20+ days out, 200+ estimates @ work..., hours in planning..

    .......York, PA - May 26
    Social scene livens up during holiday weekend, Summer '03.. continues on.. Solo runs continue to move on into June.

    .......Philadelphia, PA - May 19
    Fleetwood Mac concert goes well, 1st return since 1997/Atlantic City concert

  • OKS drops Preakness trip due to inclement weather & lowered outside
    interest.. this Baltimore event streak ends @ 7.(1996-2002), but
    most likely 2004's will be finally

    .......Trenton,NJ-May 8
    OKS solo runs continue to shows signs gaining strength...as energy shows no signs of slowing...

  • OKS call of Summer of 2003: Social comeback to make mark during early years of 2000's decade...

  • Fleetwood Mac tour to stop in Philadelphia, May 19th
    last tour in area was November 1997.

  • All social efforts focus on the "Summer of 2003"

  • May 2003 Preakness may be "grand finally" run for this event...increased focus on responsibilities of life, aging, and lower free time, shorten planning ability.

  • OKS feels effects of this latest challenge in life in an increasingly changing social structure.

    **OKS NEWS UPDATE** APR 2003

    .......Chalfont,PA - Apr.25
    work review shows positive signs of moving forward, although recent social downturns has OKS "very concerned" about stability in balance, increased turn to solo efforts and independence increased.

    .......Cleveland,OH Apr.20
    OKS hits Cleveland a few months earlier, Decision to drive to OH leads to dual city run and to shores of Lake Erie for 1st time, seeing sights of "Rock and Roll hall of fame" and sports stadiums, and "Cleveland Flats".

    .......Columbus, OH Apr.18
    Record in an unusual way..., almost 16 hr sitting in one place, along with furthest drive "out west".

    **OKS NEWS UPDATE** MAR 2003
  • Columbus, OH trip set for April.

    OKS continues social,work efforts pound at "walls of adverse fate",

    ......Philadelphia,PA - Mar.19
    OKS hits new type social scene @ central Philadelphia location, only minutes prior to the initial images of war...., and opening moments in 2003 to be known and called as "Targets of Opportunity".

  • World news:US AT WAR WITH IRAQ..."Operation Iraqi Freedom" commences Wednesday, March 19 - 9:30pm, 90min after Pres.Bush deadline.....
    International news of war large, teems with irony speaking of images of 1991 & Desert Storm,

    ........Chalfont, PA - Mar.15
    Preliminary work performance review shows slow increase, recent lower focus an OKS concern,

  • for curiousity, initial personality test results show OKS'comprised of only 8% similiarity of US population's.

  • Fleetwood Mac tour date for Philadelphia-May 19, East Rutherford,NJ-May 25

  • Life's balance throughout the 90's TK's greatest accomplishment yet, OKS2000: want to think/act "outside the box of what is usual"

  • OKS: Outgoingness,lack of confidence no longer stand in front of goals, lack of time a threat as plans to achieve more, continues to be a subject to handle.

  • OKS strengthens effort to achieve "maximum balance" with lack of time biggest obstacle, give-take approach looms in near future...

  • US nearing war with Iraq, which could break out at any day.

    .........Newtown,PA Mar.7
    2003 events look to be one of most exciting yet, event packed '03 will move fast.

  • **2003 year, to reflect on Greatest social moments of OKS...the past 12 years. OKS: Greatest achievement, may be already discovered a total comeback in outlook on life & confidence in life.

    .........NE Phila. Mar.4

    OKS OPENS SOCIAL SCENE 2003: Martigraz/Tuesday day opens '03 festival,celebration events with 2003 lineup most comprehensive yet.2003 EVENTS

    **OKS NEWS UPDATE** FEB 2003
  • 2003 event schedule near completion...

  • OKS declairation day : Jan 26 1991, Marking the most significant moments in the past 12 years... [1991-Gulf War, 2003-Gulf war ??]

    .........NE Phila - Jan 22
    OKS: 2001, 2002 not bad years, OKS2000 takes root

  • 2003 starts off with losses...

  • 8+ hr decision hopes to slow transportation expenses over next years...

  • .....welcome 2003..... .......Jan 10 - Warrington,PA
    New Year, still no luck with automobiles... car accident leave damage, streak ends.. but doesn't damage spirit for year..

  • January the lowest spending month in 6 years....

    **OKS NEWS UPDATE** DEC 2002

  • 2002's last weeks: no shortage of energy, but Early start to '03 to bring new changes, ideas. OKS to make run towards to strenghten economic future..

    ........Minneapolis,MN - Dec23
    Airport layover: OKS possible plans for mid-west trip in '04, to Mall of America, Chicago,Ill.

    ........Las Vegas,NV - Dec 21
    First 24 hour scene in 2 years...over 4 day solo trip to West...

    ........Las Vegas,NV - Dec 22
    Mid December trip out West for first time, takes on new social stance..., Last Dec.Vaca. was 1988. 4 day trip with record low expense.

  • Various projects will incorporate OKS year 2003.

    ......Northeast Philadelphia - Dec.7th
    OKS social scene will continue to show no signs of slowing, as intensity highest ever...OKS social legacy will be on the forefront during the end of 2002, all of 2003 year.

  • OKS2000 planning efforts to extend out over next 40 years...

  • Mid week observance: December 17th, Day of significance marks 12th year..as events around world area very close to those during '90-91.

  • OKS in '02: First trip to Western U.S. with Dec.20 trip to LasVegas,NV. trip with first solo run outside of area ever. OKS up for challenge in "the Sin City".

  • 2nd half of 2002: turnaround much improved from year's start...distractions lower, focus/intensity improve heading towards 2003.

    **OKS NEWS UPDATE** NOV 2002

  • "Thanksgiving Eve-Weds Nov.27"-areas night scene big event on this night, as holiday season 2002 begins...

  • Las Vegas trip/DEC'02: Will mark first trip out West.

    .......King of Prussia,PA-Nov.22
    Nitelife scene takes unusual angle as social energy shows no signs of slowing..

  • BCCC: night class, first 100% test grade since 1998.

    .......Bensalem,PA - Nov10
    Last minute decision leads to 1st December trip since 1988, 4day trip to Las Vegas, NV first out of area since May 2000. Dec vacation the lowest cost since Spring Break 1997 - Daytona Beach, FL.

  • DEC 2002 to have end of year 10 day vaca.

  • planning efforts continue through Oct. early Nov. as the OKS expansion continues towards 100% independence...

  • **OKS NEWS UPDATE** OCT 2002

  • Health challenges to continue into 2003..

    .......Chalfont, PA-Oct 16
    2002 work attendance continues strong, as estimate# moves over 1100 on year, despite year of health concerns..


  • OKS to mark Sept 11-1yr, Work,school,night out...

  • South Jersey Irish Fall Festival, marks ending of Summer '02, North Wildwood, Sept19-22

    .......Atlantic City,NJ
    OKS: Summer'02 huge, as '02 positive efforts succeeding, heading towards 9th month.

    **OKS NEWS UPDATE** AUG 2002

  • OKS return to BCCC for Fall'02 semester-Weds.Aug 28,2002 for more.. BCCC 2002

    .......N.Wildwood,NJ-Aug 16
    Summer '02-OKS hits NJ shore more times than ever, 50% of weekends @ shore points most since '96.

    ........Newtown, PA - Aug 8
    OKS plans to make college return in Fall '02, details not finalized on pursuing post-graduate degree...

  • Aug 10th day trip to Musikfest in Allentown, first since '98...

    ........No.Brunswick, NJ
    Company cuts back, lays-off 80 as work is light during time of a slow economy...

    ........Ocean City, MD - Aug 4
    1st weekend trip to Maryland Eastern shore, and 1st weekend in August'02.


  • Early Aug trip to Ocean City,MD* to be first ever as month of Aug weekend events fill.. *planned trip attempted in 1994

  • OKS Summer '02: at least 50% of weekends with 1 day @ NJ shore points since Late May..

  • Medical insurance options key to preventing economic uncertainty,

    .......Baltimore,MD June 29
    2nd road trip to Maryland runs well as summer of '02 continues..


  • Most defined social-related offensive in progress encompassing various social,economic,and psychological related elements, in patient effort to reach long lived dream. OKS: "Nothing will stand between, the realization of one of the psychological world's greatest achievements, faith in fate will guide this movement towards the ultimate emotion, surpassing Dec.17,1990"

  • Positive attitude "untouched", motivation not affected by latest round of life challenges.

    .........Atlantic City, NJ-May 30
    Summer '02 opens in different way, as 6 day time-off period opens Summer Season, OKS theme defined again in '02, as health issue is solved, attention turns toward other "bio-related" challenge.

    .........Philadelphia, PA- May 28
    Brief Hospital visit short, health proceedure goes well as age-old problem is corrected, during "vacation". OKS passes 1st signifcant health-related challenge since 1993. Diagnosis one of only 30 in country with esphagial condition.

    **OKS NEWS UPDATE** MAY 2002

  • First 6 day vacation scheduled for end of May since 2000.

    Despite adverse weather, enthusiasm,energy was high for 2002 Preakness Stakes... more on 2002 PREAKNESS

    ......Hatboro, PA
    OKS takes inital steps toward a high degree of health.

    **OKS NEWS UPDATE** APR 2002
  • Baltimore MD-Preakness Stakes return, May 17-19 marking 7th consecutive.. will this be the last one? 2002 PREAKNESS

    .......Newtown,PA- OKS: will another degree be sought after.. night college option almost a definate for Fall '02..

    OKS under the test, adversity hits during '02 early months..during this time of "new war"

    quest for a higher capacity underway for "cognitive production" part of decade 2000 goal..

    focus on psychology at a high point for first time since early '91..

    **OKS NEWS UPDATE** MAR 2002

    New age bio-related problems as counteraction measures underway,

    '02 vacation plans affected by recent health problems, no plans as economic restrictions are in place.

    Workplace stability adds to positiveness during health concerns, despite this intensity,optimism take hits for first time in OKS history, 10+ year streak breaks. Although 90's success to make this temporary,

    .......Doylestown, PA-Mar 5
    Health condition brings new problems to light, positive thinking critical

  • WMMR concert for Mar.16 return underway '02.

    .......Newtown, PA additional employment hours to fuel '02 economic spending for Summer plans.

  • OKS: first 2 job employment since 1992 for Feb/Mar, as quest to widen operating cycle continues..towards 100% independence,

  • first International destination could be in '02 for late April vaca.

    .......Bensalem, PA Mar.1 Feb ends.. as does year planning, '02 social scene opens

    .......Chalfont, PA Feb 25 request for higher responsibility @ work answered in big way..

    **OKS NEWS UPDATE** FEB 2002

    OKS ultimate social closure may lie in the hands of fate, although "no quit" attitude stronger than ever..

    Economic slide continue to cause stress on advertising industry..

    1 week to ago with another year of perfect attendance(work).

    **OKS NEWS UPDATE** JAN 2002

    OKS financial plan underway to gear for mid '00's economic change..

    Option for additional income underway, to be used for summer '02 spending,

    2 month planing initiative opens with '02, winter months Jan,Feb will entail working with goals for OKS2000 and beyond..

    **OKS NEWS UPDATE** DEC 2001

    Social scene most active in OKS history..despite less "work-free" time..

    ......NE phila. Dec 31
    New years eve '01, marks 10th consecutive time of celebrating past year, opening the new year...

  • 2001 down to a few weeks, December intensity lives, quest for Legacy runs through it's 11th year..

    ......Willow Grove, PA-Dec 7
    OKS re-assurance lives on, through new outlook,

  • December 2001: Difference to schedule, goals not different

    **OKS NEWS UPDATE** NOV 2001

  • November's social scene success rolls on...in 2001...

    ......NE Phila, November 21st
    "Thanksgiving Eve" one of best, opening holiday 4 day weekend,

  • How will December 17th, be replaced by an even more signifcant event..

  • striking similarities from 10 years ago comparing 1991 to 2001.. another world conflict-US military strike, OKS 2001: unlike 1991, now there is life's experiences and knowledge to fall upon..

    ......NE Phila, Nov. 1
    OKS social scene growing stronger, an investment for the future is of top concern, despite less time in daily schedule..

  • Relocation plans underway preliminary indications are to Doylestown and surrounding areas..

  • History continues.. November going strong, as momentum is up from 6 months ago, social situation better than expected thus far..no let go will be made..

    **OKS NEWS UPDATE** OCT 2001

  • Intensity grows as well as anticipation for months of November,December scene is set for possible dramatics..

  • OKS: social life dream not to be achieved overnight, long term strive anticipated, gearing up for 100% independence, battling any uncertainty.

  • Anthrax fear causes disturbance though USPS,industry,company..

    .......Doylestown, PA - Oct 27
    OKS social quest presses forth with resemblence of early 1997 intensity.. desire to shift energy to productive means underway, without a loss in vision for the ultimate emotion.

  • OKS:confidence high, with anticipation of many challenges over coming years..


  • elements surrounding the Attack on America influence OKS to take steps toward more of an outreaching, communicative, visual movement.

  • Turn of events internally, nationwide, cast resemblence on situations just before and during early 1991.

    .......September 11, 2001 one of the worst days in America..history unfolding.. Early morning stories which came in were not believed, images of NYC/Capital that will never be erased.. OKS: "Disturbing events effect Nation, Philadelphia, community, internally, security in America has beared an adverse impact, belief in the positive emotion, love for humanity/US will stand on, and go on strong."

  • September's schedule close to 100%, as momentum rises,

  • Labor day weekend vacation turns out to be one of best ever as summer '01 ends..

    **OKS NEWS UPDATE** AUG 2001

    ........Sea Isle City, NJ - Aug 29
    Good ending to frustrating summer start, despite unstable June,July focus on work holds strong, as course completed towards certification in new industy.

  • good month of August provides signs of new light, as OKS turns towards early '90's form..

  • Effects of decision short term cause instablility..,long term gains may not be able to be seen..


    ........New Brunswick, NJ - July 21
    concert event 1st in area since '98..

  • OKS social balance reaches most unstable in over 10years...

  • Social situation takes an unpredicable turn, as a result past few months show signs of lowered motivation, energy..

    ........FtWashington, PA - June31
    reminant of hurricane allison cause major problems in area,

    ........Southampton, PA - July 4
    Independence day, July 4th celebrated locally.

    **OKS NEWS UPDATE** MAY 2001

    Summer '01: mix of work, and events..

    ........Baltimore,MD - May 19
    Friday evening commute's destination to Baltimore,MD for 6th return to Pimlico raceway and the Preakness.

  • 31 days of May, hoping to repeat month work,social success of the '90's.

    **OKS NEWS UPDATE** APR 2001

  • Days draw near for Baltimore's Preakness Stakes, as planning packed into schedule, options to give 2001 new look for Mid-May's event.

    .........Washington D.C., Apr.20
    First time trip to Nation's Capital with challenging commute though city.

    .........Southampton,PA, Apr.5
    Initial finance plan rolled out but further work expected for research and improvements.

    .........Philadelphia, PA,Apr.1
    Rare Sunday concert event at Navy Yard better than expected as spring opens..2001 spring/summer season.

    **OKS NEWS UPDATE** MAR 2000

  • Plans in works for attending WMMR radio sponsered event in Philadelphia on Mar 25.

    .........Chalfont, PA - Mar 13
    work load doubles going from Feb to Mar.

  • OKS planning underway for Spring,Summer,Fall schedule/events..
  • another run to NYC in the works for late March..

  • **OKS NEWS UPDATE** JAN 2000

  • Information,Technology initiative to add new demension to OKS in the 00's.

  • Options underway to for website to go "live",

    .......Newtown, PA - Jan 31, 2001 One of the largest planning efforts underway for OKS, runs for 2 months for elements of financial,business, and social ventures.

  • OKS: Name defined Jan 26, of 91', combining elements of world and local social events.

    .......Philadelphia, PA - Jan 2, 2001 Year opens with new set of goals, momentum strong following Nov/Dec 2000 run...

    **OKS NEWS UPDATE** DEC 2000

    .......NE Philadelphia, Dec 22, 2001
    10 YEAR milestone reached, some 3,652 days later: Will the 90's be the greatest decade of all time?, For 2000-2009?

    .......Holland, PA - Dec 17, 2000
    Energetic return to site of initial origin of OKS, 10 years to the day, of the most influential day in history. Events from this time period of Late 1990 are factors of motivation still today..

    .......Philadelphia,PA - Dec.15, 2000 10 Year milestone on the horizon, as weekend countdown is on. Goal, to repeat or beat past 10 years..

  • New Years Eve plans tenative as December rolls quickly.

  • Holiday Schedule this year has new look..

  • December 17 weekend, to open new OKS Decade.

  • New Year 2001 opens with new schedule, new goals one to incorporate technology to new initiatives..

    **OKS NEWS UPDATE** NOV 2000

  • OKS to celebrate 10 YEARS, December 17, 2000

  • Work attendance hits day #100.


  • 3 month countdown to 10 years starts- Sept.17

  • Closing in on 100 consecutive days for work attendance as 77/77 is reached.

    .........Penndel,PA - Sept.10
    First ever softball league game played, with a 2 for 2 start,

    .........Stone Harbor, NJ - Sept. 2
    3 day weekend comprised with 2day trip to NJ shore to end summer season.


    .........North Brunswick, NJ
    Computer software training to aid in skills development.

  • New employment transistion to include financial future option-401K.

    **OKS NEWS UPDATE** MAY 2000

    .........Philadelphia, PA - May 29
    Month ends with record setting 3 week run during schedule transistion....

    .........Coral Gables, FL - May 24
    OKS explores South Florida region for first time which includes: Univ. of Miami, Florida's central keys.

    .........Miami,FL - May 22
    Active week in South Florida includes South Beach, Everglades National Park, Florida Keys, Coral Gables.

    .........Baltimore, MD - May 20
    Preakness Stakes 2000:
    Despite inclement weather group makes Pimlico run for 5th time under cloudy/cool skys. Pimlico 3 mo+ planning runs well until late day snag forces early exit...

  • May historically time for change,celebration this one no different.

  • Preakness Stakes-Baltimore weekend trip and Miami Beach,FL mark summer's open - June through September expected to be quiet.

    .........Willow Grove - May 2
    Week to be known as "Farewell Tour" as last effort put forth for closing days at UPS, the final package will be on Friday night.

    .........Willow Grove - Apr. 28
    Career interests, conditions with current job market, lead to UPS departure after 8+ year term with company... for more..UPS/employment

    **OKS NEWS UPDATE** APR 2000

  • Career option search/interview leads to new company, new industry, career...as 1+ year options search go down to wire in dramatic fashion.

  • Last minute changes to trip net feasible financial options.

    .........Richboro,PA - Apr.25
    With less than 30 days vacation week planning for late May will be Miami Beach, FL.

  • A 5th return to Pimlico, Baltimore underway as planning continues for the 2000 Preakness Stakes. For more on Preakness hit link:Preakness

  • Six months in the planning vacation focus in on South Florida.

  • This year's Preakness Stakes: a few changes as we approach May 20th.

  • Month of December to mark OKS 10 years.

    **OKS NEWS UPDATE** Mar 2000

    .........Philadelphia - Mar 18
    Productivity rebounds after 2 month low, as Spring 2000 unwinds.

  • First two months of 2000 quiet, as current month is critical towards change.

    **OKS NEWS UPDATE** JAN 1999

    .........Philadelphia, PA - Jan 25
    Last minute snowstorm leaves mark on area, cancels everything for the day.

    .........Niagara Falls, NY - Jan 15
    Weekend trip to Niagara Falls/Buffalo NY the furthest weekend trip yet - 413m. Trip marks first time travel out of country into Canada...

    .........Philadelphia, PA -Dec 31
    Last minute events make the 2000 celebration/New Years eve the best ever. Group rings in 2000, millenium with delaware ave. party.

  • New Decade to start with change

    **OKS NEWS UPDATE** DEC 1999

    .........King of Prussia,PA - Dec 17
    Day held high in OKS history, this year no different Celebrating 9 years strong...

  • New Years eve plans lead to Central Phila... as countdown is a 14 days.

  • Countdown to year 2000 passes 25 days....

    ......Willow Grove - Dec 7
    UPS peak shipping week may hit 200K during week of Dec 13-17.

    **OKS NEWS UPDATE** NOV 1999

    ........Ocean Gate, NJ - Nov 25
    Century's last holiday season opens with Thanksgiving weekend, as Christmas, New Years draw near...

  • Thanksgiving weekend to open holiday season, Wednesday night celebrations on hand the tradition continues.....

    ........Willow Grove - Nov 22
    This year's Peak Season at UPS expected to be very active.

  • UPS goes public with IPO... - Nov. 10

  • Webpage reaches 4th year - Nov. 3

    .......Willow Grove, PA - Nov 1
    UPS begins 1999 peak season

    **OKS NEWS UPDATE** OCT 1999
  • Millenium celebrations lead to Independence Mall in Philadelphia....


  • Less than 100 days until Y2K...

    .......Holland, PA - Sept 17
    Hurricane Floyd causes flooding to local area and causes schedule problems for day after.

    .......Willow Grove - Sept 8
    Career track: HR position sought after at UPS...

  • Part of Weekend used for planning future initiatives.

    **OKS NEWS UPDATE** AUG 1999
  • Labor day weekend to mark last weekend, summer of the 1990's.

    .......Bethlehem, PA - Aug 14
    Musicfest'99 - expansive, covering all downtown area.

    Late July weekend marks end of dynamic month...

  • With time closing, millenium plans yet to be set.

  • Financial plan to insure future economic status expected to be completed by mid-August.

    .......Philadelphia,PA - July 24
    Group avoids Center City unrest on Saturday after attending baseball game.

  • Vacation week a mix of everything, the least expense of vacations thoughout '90's.

  • Vacation week to celebrate greatest summers of the '90's decade.

    ........Newtown, PA - June 9
    Millenium celebration plans: site down to a few locations: Philadelphia as first choice, New Orleans, California South Florida,

  • Summer season opens..Memorial weekend kick off..

    **OKS NEWS UPDATE** MAY 1999

    ........Willow Grove, PA - May 20
    Arrival to work at UPS: day a milestone as 5 year management point is reached.

    ........Baltimore, MD - May 15
    Group of 16 hits Pimlico's infield for this years Preakness Stakes run, bizarre scenes throughout the Preakness social jem. for more...

    ........Catonsville, MD -May 14
    Last minute planning adjustments make fourth straight Preakness successful.

  • 5/12 - Preakness Stakes run to Baltimore this weekend draws second largest group since 1996 beginning.

    ........Southampton, PA - May 5
    Day schedule flexibility provides time,creativity for future career options

    ........Bensalem, PA - May 1
    Kentucky Derby bet get second place close to repeat, Only one factor not determined for the 124 Preakness Stakes, the weather.

    **OKS NEWS UPDATE** APR 1999

  • Saturday's Kentucky Derby event draws near

  • search for post-college schedule options leads to new developments.

  • Weekend New York City trip will tie '97's number of trips with still 8 months remaining in '99.

  • Plans for May's Preakness event in Baltimore underway... for more...Preakness IV

    **OKS NEWS UPDATE** MAR 1999

  • Near perfect planning, 2 week vacation marks most significant of '90's.

    ........ATLANTA,GA - Mar 7
    13 hour road trip comprised of many sights: Olympic Park, CNN center, Turner field. 1 week, two cities: 6 hour drive to Myrtle Beach, SC caps final 3 days.

    ........DAYTONA BEACH, FL - Mar 13
    Wild weather event disrupts inital day, but remaining days comprised of sunshine, warm temps. 919 mile trip furthest thus far. Break last week's 778 mile journey.

    For more...(click here)

    **OKS NEWS UPDATE** FEB 1999

    Month of March, expected to be best March of '90's including 2 week vaca. time. MAR1999

    ........N.E. Phila, PA - Feb 13
    February celebrations continue with concert event and Valentine's day social creativity.

    ........Atlantic City, NJ - Feb 5
    Celebration under way for long term goal achievement.

    ........Philadelphia, PA - Feb 5
    OKS college career officially ended this past Friday, with attainment of degree. for more College graduation

  • Graduation ceremony event to take place.

    .......Baltimore, MD. - Jan 30
    Road trip weekend/Superbowl Sunday opens 1999 year events.

    **OKS NEWS UPDATE** JAN 1998

  • 1999: A celebration of the '90's decade.

  • Superbowl weekend trip to Baltimore, 2nd city destination since Pittsburgh in 1996.

    .......S. Lee, MA - Jan 17
    Drive to Mass. first visit to state.

  • Weekend of 16-17 trip back to New England.

  • OKS2000 intitiative excelerated.

    .......Philadelphia, PA - Jan 1
    High expectations set for final year of 90's decade as 1999 begins with many events.

    **OKS NEWS UPDATE** DEC 1998

  • OKS: gearing for final year of '90's decade: 1999
    New years eve '98, 5 days away as well as the end of 1998.

  • December 1998 marks first of 3 great months.
    December 1998, December 1999, December 2000.

    ........Ambler, PA - Dec 15

  • Week to bring mulitple events

    ........Ambler, PA - Dec 14
    Final semester down to one paper/pres 1.5 days left

    ........Ambler, PA - Dec. 11
    Last week of College career goes well, as college work schedule down to 50% remaining.

  • Graduation celebration to take place mid-January.

    ........Ambler, PA - Dec 4
    Graduation countdown down to 13 as last day of intensive week is marked by 7 hour project effort.

    OKS to initiate Year 2000 plans, beginning in January 1999 overall schedule expected to change.

    **OKS NEWS UPDATE** NOV 1998

  • November's college success continues.., Thanksgiving weekend critical for schedule adjustments as following week to bring long hours/effort.

    .........Ambler, PA -Nov 24
    Semester/College final day now scheduled 2 days earlier to December 15th.

    .........Ambler, PA -Nov 18
    Graduation countdown - 30 days

    .........Willow Grove -UPS -Nov 16
    Completion of 8th year marked by day of high productivity.

  • Last time for NOV/DEC college/work schedule coordination .........Philadelphia - Nov. 1
    Despite a slow start to semester, momentum, intensity rise as OKS heads into busiest time of year...

    **OKS NEWS UPDATE** OCT 1998

    .........Temple Univ. Oct 29
    Marketing project incentive more than just a good grade: chance to win trip to Toronto, Canada.

    .........Temple Univ. Oct 16
    Semester reaches half-way point as 44 days remain until graduation.

    .........Willow Grove - Oct 14
    Tuition reinbursment program expected to retain UPS employees, attract college oriented employees-program expected to aid in Peak Season staffing.

    .........Ambler,PA - Oct 1
    College work increases, expected to remain intense through DEC.


    ...........N.E.Phila - Sept 20
    Sunday Night location expected to change, as ors are confirmed: Roosevelt's moving to new location. Time unknown thus far when move will occur. Roosevelt's Grand Finally-Sunday in the works.

    ...........Ambler,PA - Sept 18
    Future of OKS web page depends on options to locate host sites, as time runs down to 4 months.

  • Fall Preview expected out soon.

    ............Sea Isle City,NJ - Sept 6
    Labor Day Weekend trip to shore: first time at shore on all 3 summer holidays Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day.

    **OKS NEWS UPDATE** AUG 1998

    .............Hartford,CT - Aug 29
    First trip to New England runs fine, as 530 miles are logged during weekend events.

    .............Ambler,PA - Aug 31
    Fall semester starts, countdown underway: 76 days/3.5 mo.

  • New England trip draws near final adjustments underway.

  • Aug 24 -Final semester starts in one week, eventful one expected.

  • July 4 sets stage for Summer of '98 events, most active since last year's.

  • Trip to New England, CONN/Boston, MASS in the near future possible, the first ever as 1998 trips center around Northern locations.


    ...........Manhattan, New York City,NY - July 19
    Trip to New York marks mid-Summer events, walking distance covers well known events, Empire State building, Rockerfeller center, Times Square: 32nd street to 55th street.

    ...........Sea Isle City, NJ
    transition from Summer at College to vacation a wild one. Sea Isle City continues summer 1998 events.

    ...........Philadelphia,PA - June 29
    Summer Semester down to final day, Aug 31 opening day:final semester-Fall'98.

  • Vacation week:Summer tour '98 opens with a 5 day/July 4th weekend in Sea Isle City,NJ.

  • College Drive initiative down to 7 days until close, "Summer tour '98" marks period of transistion-July through August.

  • "Summer tour '98", incorporates Sea Isle city, New York city, and possibly Ocean City,MD weekend trip.

    ........Holmdel, NJ - June 13
    Day trip to North Jersey entails shore/concert one that was missed in '91.

    ........Willow Grove, - June 10
    UPS: concecutive work streak ends at 1,696 consecutive days*

    est. total 7 yr. period-

    ........Philadelphia,PA - June 1
    Septa strike expected to impact weekday commute to Temple.

    **OKS NEWS UPDATE** MAY 1998
    ........Sea Isle City,NJ - May 23
    Memorial Day Weekend marks first weekend of summer activities Including a Jersey shore day trip, first one on Memorial day in seven years.

    ........Philadelphia - May 18
    Summer I semester starts..countdown to graduation..

    .........BALTIMORE, MD. - May 17
    PREAKNESS III a huge success, as crew opens summer of '98 with the Maryland racing event.
    Dual planning effort pays off at Pimlico under sunny skies and 90 degree temps.

    .........Philadelphia - May 8
    OKS college drive:semester ending, as graduation draws closer,
    down to 4 classes.

    .........Bensalem,PA - May 2
    T.K. hits Kentucky Derby race, focuses onPreakness Stakes,
    Triple Crown.

  • Week vacation time:investment for college.


  • May's Baltimore event plan sealed - Apr.24

  • Future schedule forcast: changes

    .........Bensalem,PA - April 12
    ---Kentucky Derby simulcast event at Phila.Park may set stage for opening leg of Triple Crown.

  • Baltimore weekend trip planning close to turning out a "Preakness Plan." 1998 Preakness Stakes

  • **OKS NEWS UPDATE** MAR 1998

    ...........Philadelphia-Mar 23
    University Fall class schedule restrictions cause instability to feasible future schedule.

    ...........Analomick,PA-Mar 12
    1998's first vacation of year half over, as trip runs smooth
    OKS: last spring break of college career.

  • Initial planning targets the Preakness Baltimore,MD
    as newly discovered rates make trip more feasible.

  • Spring Break trip to Pocono Mountains first time back since 1984. Week may be classified as a "social turning point".

  • Time during first vacation will be spent planning others.. A trip to Baltimore, and possible Ocean City,MD in the summer.

  • One year later..,Daytona Beach Spring Break '97.

    **OKS NEWS UPDATE** FEB 1998
    .............Philadelphia- 2/17
    Six month schedule important for graduation quest as college last for 6 more months to incorporate C.I.S. emphasis.

  • 3 day/mid-week Pocono Mountains trip planned during Spring Break '98.

  • Spending restrictions in place in effort to provide financial leverage for spring/summer months.

  • March's spring break activities draw near
    local site expected, vacation week schduled.

    OKS year completed: 1997 1997OKS

    **OKS NEWS UPDATE** JAN 1998
  • 1997: the most significant year thus far. 1996,1997 back to back year titles 1997 records include both the most work and event intensive. Time management key to '97's successes.

  • Superbowl weekend opens 1998's year activities.

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