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The following are some papers that I have written in graduate school
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"Sigmund or Shlomo: Freud's thought as rooted in Judaism"

This is a paper concerning Sigmund Freud's Jewish background and it's profound influence on him. It's very interesting with lots of traditional Judaic sources (e.g. Talmud, Bible, etc...) quoted. Hey, I got an "A" on it!!

"Teaching Independent Task Change Through the Use of Photographic Activity Scheduling"

This is a fascinating study I am currently working on. It involves teaching three adults with mental retardation to be able to work independently.

"A Godless Jew... Not Anymore - Ethical Issues Facing the Orthodox Therapist"

This paper presents the major ethical conflicts that a practicing orthodox therapist may face.

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eViL LaUgH

Here it is!! After searching high and low, I have found the meaning to life. Follow this link to find it for yourself! There is one WARNING however, because of the profound and sensitive nature of the meaning of life you you must be 18 years old to view it!!!

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