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This is a page about myself and whatever I feel like writing about. Please visit my other pages, my friend's pages, sign my guestbook and feel free to send me e-mail.

I go to St. Ignatius College Prep in Chicago. I love it there. If you are on this page you probably know me; if not, then it's a chance to get to. So go visit and snoop around. It's all pretty interesting if you are a nosy person like I am. So have fun. Most of this stuff isn't very useful but I will be putting in stuff about myself, my friends and topics that I find interesting. I like to change stuff around too, so after you're done, remember to come back some time.
I will try and include some humorous stories of my life in the page about myself (because God knows I can act blond sometimes...no offense to anyone who is blond- besides, they do have more fun) and check out the page about my friends because most of its true and my friends are all pretty interesting.

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