This is the official T.W.A. homepage, operated and managed by Jason and Dan Henry. The T.W.A. is one of those sad fan "organisations" set up to admire, enjoy and generally lust after Tegan Jovanka.

For the uninitiated, Tegan was one of the characters from the UK science fiction show Doctor Who during the 1980's and was played by Janet Fielding. The purpose of this page is to present the world a series of scans of Tegan (from various points in her time with the show) as well as a character profile and a biography of Janet herself.

This is now revision 3.1 of the page (only a slight modification has been made) and the update was performed at some incredibly silly hour on 7th October 1996. The new additions from the previous update still apply, which are to the gallery, the new picture of Janet (my thanks to Joseph for sending that along) and the first tentative steps towards a links page. We are hoping to do a bit of a revamp to the pages in the near future, a "holding pattern" index will be patched in to disable the site during this and a notice posted to rec.arts.drwho when the update is completed.

One minor request this time. If anyone out there has the picture that the Daily Mirror printed of Janet around the time of the Maxwell scandal (the one inside the paper) could they please send me a JPG!

So, what can you do here then? Well, firstly you can look at Tegan's character profile taken from Doctor Who - The Companions.

Or you could have a look at the slowly expanding Gallery of Tegan now featuring seven of scans of this wonderful lady.

And then there's the mini-biography of Janet Fielding again taken from The Companions with a few additions and the new, recent picture.

Or theres the new Tegan (and Doctor Who) links list including one to Anoraks Anonymous where any brave (or foolhardy) person can find a picture of Jason!

And finally a link to rec.arts.drwho on whose collective shoulders I still squarely lay the blame for this!

For would be members here is The T.W.A. Charter:

1) All members must be nice about Tegan at all times. Any member even considering using the phrase mouth on legs will be severly reprimanded (unless able to justify it's use).

2) Members must list purple as one of their top three favourite colours. Extra merit will be earnt for listing it as their only favourite colour.

3) The use of the word "rabbits" as a minor swearword is encouraged.

4) Complete fluency with the lyrics of either "Waltzing Matilda" or the in flight safety demonstration (including hand gestures) is required.

Membership is open to all. For more information, to join or to submit something for the page please contact the T.W.A. at tegan@cosine.demon.co.uk

We'd like to thank the nice people who have joined so far as well as all casual visitors who have mailed us for their words of encouragement and the recommendations of a good psychiatrist!

You are Tegan Admirer number

This page was constructed by Jason over an initial period of about four hours. The HTML source was written in GoldEd and tested using ALynx. All original scanning was done with a JX-100 flatbed scanner and edited using Photogenics. The site's construction was done on a ten megabyte Amiga 1200 with a 200Mb hard disk and 95Mb Zip drive.

The new, extended site is presently on the drawing board and some of the new graphics are already in existance. Although we have other commitments as well we will endeavour to update the page as soon as possible.


The T.W.A. page is not copyright 1996. In order to avoid legal difficulties with Trans World Airlines (who have so far shown great aplomb and totally ignored me) and the authors and photographers of the various books and magazines from which information has been taken (who have similarly not given one) we have decided not to hold the rights to the little work done for this site.

Basically, it wasn't us Guvnor, 'onest!

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