The times are still changin'. Robert Zimmerman strolled onto the stage in the early sixties with a guitair and a harmonica. Music has never been the same. His songs electrified the civil rights movement, and breathed new life into the folk music genre. His life was almost cut short in a motorcycle accident, but he recovered and came back with a whole new style of music. The 70's saw him with "The Band" singing "Forever Young," and acting in "Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid" to the tune of "Knocking on Heaven's Door." 1979 marked a significant turning point in Bob's journey. Shocking the music world with his conversion to Christianity, Dylan started asking people "When You Gonna Wake Up," and warned of a "Slow Train Coming."

Since then his music has fueled much debate and spurious interpretation. Take time to consider the often misunderstood lyrics of our centuries greatest pop-poets, and let your voice be heard concerning one of this centuries most enigmatic stars.

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Power Greed and Corruptible Seed

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