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It has taken time to bring myself to write again. Realization that one must nourish the self despite all else. Care for one's own soul inspite of what pain has gone before.

I have learned that my heart will go on and flourish!


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  "Their Moments" added January 9, 2001

July 28, 2000

I was a child born of two people very much in love. Those two people are no longer together. Yet those two people are still very much in love.

One of those two people gave up, quit, resigned the self to fate and chose a life where love will not reside. Chose an existence of being forever coldly touched by one that is not love, or lover.

With the passing of togetherness, the child their love created, that was both of their hearts and souls entwined passes into a solitary half life.

The biggest sorrow of all is that the one who turned away never had the courage to tell the truth. The one who turned away has had there biggest fear realized. The other is as ashamed of the one who turned away as the one who turned is ashamed of them self.

Yet through this pain, at the core, there is still just love.

Those of you who know the two souls and desire to know the whole truth you are free to ask.