A project in Urban Design

The Itapui Project consists of my final graduation thesis for the Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism at the University of São Paulo - USP - Brazil.
The subject and theme for this thesis are of free choice for the graduation student.
Under this point of view, the project of Urban Design was born due to the fact the students of Architecture and Urbanism at the University of Sao Paulo receive almost no knowledge of Urban Design during the graduation course. Allied to this fact, comes the need of exploring new concepts in Urban Design different from those of the Modernism.


Located at the margins of the Tiete river, in the state of Sao Paulo, Brazil, the actual city of Itapui is a small city of about 8.000 inhabitants living from the agriculture.

It hasn't been explored for tourism yet and for this reason it's still a very small urban center.
The region where the city is located, was in the past occupied by the Atlantic Forest, a very rich environment, that was devastated for the introduction of the sugar cane, coffee and some other small cultures in the region, creating a landscape with no vertical barriers, consequence that influenced deeply in the project.


The final concept was born from the path that could be created joining geographically interesting points on the site, which gave the main distribution line.
The secondary distribution line was born from the axis that was very strong, joining the churches from Itapui and Boraceia. On the crossing of these two centers is planned the new center for the City, with a new church, and a new civic square.
Inside the boundaries of the main axis, the project creates "Farm Hotels", maintaning the "countryside" characteristics of the place.
Outside the boundaries of the main axis, some areas were destined to "first and second residence" housing and small pedestrian axis were distributed joining these "condominiums" and their comercial centers, next to the river.
On the interesting points of the main axis, public facilities were placed in order to provide a better view for the people who used those places, and so that those places could be easily viewed.
Other facilities as marinas, clubs, etc. were located in strategical places.


As a main detail, was chosen the comercial center by the river.
The purpose of this center is to serve the dwellers of the "condominiums". This way, a promenade runs by an existing river and forms an axis that links both the comercial center and the "condominium". This axis leads to a view tha passes trhough the center of the Comercial Center and ends up in a pier by the river.
The "open square" of the comercial center is elevated and surrounded by buildings, trying to rebuild the structure of some "piazzas".

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