Muhsin Banmili's Site about Sayed Ali Asghar Kurdistani and my private collection of Kurdish music

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My place contains

  • Information about Sayed Ali Asghar Kurdsistani, his most famous songs, and lyrics in Kurdish
  • A list of my Kurdish music colletion. The list includes brief information about the artists plus the name of the album(s) I own of each one.

About me

My name is Mushin Banmili. I was born in the area of Masfa Alwand in Khanaqin in Southern Kurdistan (Northern Iraq). I attended my primary and sencondary school in Khanaqin. We moved later to Sulaimaniya where i finished my College education and got my first degree (B.Sc) in Soil Science at the University of Sulaimaniya. I left Irak to Sweden in the 80's. We live in Stockholm in Sweden.

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Sayed Ali Asgher Kurdistani

Sayed Ali Asghar Kurdistani (1882-1936) was born to a religous family in a village by name "Salwatawa" on the outskirts of Sina in Eastern Kurdistan (Western Iran). His father sent hom to Sina for attending school there. As a young man he was known in Sina and Kurdistan for his unique and powerful voice. Sayed Ali Asghar sang to entertain people at private parties, and on demand by the locals. At the age of 40 a Kurdish friend of his took him to Tehran to record few of the songs for radio audiance. Six of those songs became very famous for generations. This site is dedicated to this great man.

The above text in Kurdish
Listen to Sayed Ali Asghar Kurdistani's songs

My collection of Kurdish music

I've always loved music. I think everybody does, at least in early years of life. I loved music much more I became 13 years old. At that time (the 70's in Southern Kurdistan) there were only 2 radio stations that broadcasted Kurdish music. One of them was the Radio Baghdad - The Kurdish Service. The other one was the Iranian Radio Kermashan. I loved listening to music so much that I saved what I could and had to buy albums of artists I loved. They were at that time only available on music cassetters. Many times I had to purchase the same album (cassette) in different cities in Kurdistan to obtain the one with the best quality. I publish my list online to honour the memory of Sayed ALi Asghar Kurdistani, and all other Kurdish artists. It is my way to thank them.

The list of my Kurdish music collection at home (no audio files)