princess shellfish's world of pink

why pink???? because i say so!!!!

welcome to my world of pink. it's my world, and anything thing is possible, and since anything is possible in my world, it was easy to declare myself princess shellfish. so there. i did it. and now it's done. monarchy is nice like that!! :)

little update on my life: i finally did buy a skateboard . . . and am having a blast learning how to board!! if you have any suggestions, please e-mail and help!!!!!!! i'm pretty good at going in straight lines, and am just learning how to turn. it's all a balance thing!!

if you're wondering about me . . . there's not too much to know.

but if you're interested in the nitty gritty details, i'll tell you. if you have the desire to know more, then there must be something wrong!!

i'm in the midst of spending ten weeks this summer at ucla working as a resident counselor for the summer discovery pre-college program it's a lot of work, but tons of fun!! :) so if you're from cali, watch out, you just might meet me!! but, i leave on wednesday, so the chances may be slim to none.

well, phat chat has changed to summer discovery chat for ucla 97's chatting pleasure. please bookmark it and come back to it (and use it, all the cool people do!!). coming soon a list of sd e-mail addresses!!

i plan on linking some really groovy stuff on here . . . painful prose, and heart wrenching stories of life gone awry. insights to what it like to live in a vaccuum your whole life, only to get spit out of the lint bag and into the garbage.

please, please, please sign my pinkpages , and tell me what you think (i was polite and said "please" - now you have to!!). if you do . . . i promise to answer!! (isn't that motivation enough?!)

more crazy stuff to follow . . . believe me, it will get better!!!!

always remember . . .

think pink!!!

special thanks to paul for helping me make this homepage what it's become today!! i couldn't have done it with out ya!!

"she looks too pure to be pink . . ." - rizzo to frenchie in grease

"the pink lady pledge:
to look cool, to act cool, to be cool . . .
'til death do us part . . . think pink"

- pink lady pledge in grease 2

"take this pink ribbon off my eyes
i'm exposed and it's no big surprise . . . "

- no doubt

"mirrors on the ceiling, pink champagne on ice
we are all just prisoners here, of our own device . . . "

- the eagles

"ain't that amercia, for you and me
ain't that america, home of the free
ain't that america, somthing to see baby
little pink houses for you and me . . . "

- john melloncamp

people know the power of what pink can do

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take a looksy at my old pinkpages, i swear, it won't bite!!

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