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It is said that wizards differ by the schools of magic they study, the goals they set for themselves, and the company they keep. But above all, wizards define themselves by their thirst for knowledge of the mystic forces around them, and they embrace sorcery with their hearts and minds.

GalleonGreetings! And welcome to my humble abode! I am Magellan, Wizard of Aaron. I used to be Magellan of Montagal but King Diniz (the King of Montagal, my homeland) renounced all my ties to the Montaguese. I now reside in Darkenwald. I am content to be a resident of these lands, and have many interesting friends. For adventure h ere, what do we do? The same thing we do every night; try to save the world. I am highly skilled Wizard always dressed in the Red and Green colors of my crest.

But enough about me, let me give you a tour of my new home... The fortress is finally under way! It will consist of four towers, a gateway, and a fortified Keep in the center. ... When it is complete, my lab will be found at the very top of the Keep.

Currently though my lab is in a makeshift log cabin but still deserves to be called home, it is actually quite nice inside. Please come in and have a look around! Over here, on this oak table can be found the solutions I mix to create the delicate Ink used for spellbooks and scrolls.

This ornate silver scroll case is where I store my scrolls. Please have a look, if you're interested we can discuss prices later. If you donít see the one you are looking for, I can make scrolls equivalent to eighth level spells or lower.

Look at the scroll list

Here is a map of the area I painted from memory, from when Garaga, Sareena, Cain(permenently on his fist adventure!), and myself flew over Darkenwald on a giant eagle.
Map painting

If you are looking for Celestial MagicCelestial Magic Celestial Magic, then you have come to the right place! Feel free to have a


around, but don't touch!

If you wish to order a scroll, either find me; Magellan, the Wizard of Aaron, in Darkenwald or click on the spell you want.

If anyone needs scrolls, I can make them, however, I am not responsible for how my customers use them.

Also, I currently has some other items available for sale:
-Animal Pelt/Hide

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The High Tower in Meridian (Where My Lab is located) No Frames

My History in Montagal (My background in Montagual)
Visit Shadow Guard (Count Jason Aaron's personal Guard)

I have sumerized the histories of my voyage to Darkenwald. Please read them!

  • The Sailing of the Ships
  • The Way of a Ship
  • On a Far Foreign Shore
  • The Risks of Exploration
  • The Attack
  • The Blistering Barrage of Revenge
  • Port Icewyrm

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