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Rosemarie's Author's Castle

To the Boundless -- in All Who Enter

Welcome to my Author's Castle!

I am Rosemarie Skaine, an author.

I do most of my writing in the Turret of my Author's Castle.

Sociology with a human face and a boundless spirit guide my writing.

I write books about society here and
in countries around the world

and McFarland & Co., Inc. publishes them
and sends them on their journeys
around the world.

My newest book,
Female Suicide Bombers ,
was just published
in February 2006!

I traveled to Kenya and Tanzania
to research
Female Genital Mutilation
published in September 2005

I attended an international
conference in Havana, Cuba
when I was writing The Cuban Family
published in 2004

The rights of the father
in American society
are the focus of
Paternity and American Law,
published in 2003.

My most timely book,The Women of
Afghanistan Under the Taliban

was published in 2002
soon after 9/11

The emerging sport of
women's basketball is explored
in Women College Basketball
published in 2001

A personal and very human
book, A Man of the Twentieth Century:
Recollections of Warren V. Keller, a Nebraskan
as told to Rosemarie Keller Skaine
and James C. Skaine

was published shortly before
my father died in 1999

The lives and combat experiences
of United States military women
fill the pages of
Women at War
published in 1999

I am pleased and proud to say
Power and Gender
published in 1996 received
the Gustavus Meyers Center award
as an Outstanding Book
on human rights
in North America in 1997.

I have more of my writing in my Turret. Please visit me there.

I would enjoy hearing from you. Email is welcome anytime at rskaine@cfu.net!

My books are available across the globe. They are priced by the bookseller but each has a list price:

  • Female Suicide Bombers -- $35.00.
  • Female Genital Mutilation -- $39.95.
  • The Cuban Family -- $38.50.
  • Paternity and American Law -- $28.50.
  • The Women of Afghanistan Under the Taliban -- $29.95.
  • Women College Basketball Coaches -- $29.95.
  • A Man of the Twentieth Century: Recollections,
    of Warren V. Keller, A Nebraskan As told to
    Rosemarie Keller Skaine and James C. Skaine -- $14.95.
  • Women at War -- $35.00.
  • Power and Gender -- $55.00.

  • Some of the ways and places you can buy books are:

  • Autographed copies of all books can be ordered directly from me through e-mail at rskaine@cfu.net or from Rosemarie at AuthorsDen. or by mail: Rosemarie Skaine, Authorís Castle, P.O. Box 1044, Cedar Falls, Iowa, 50613 or by phone: 319-266-8163 or 319-290-0467.
  • Buy online from McFarland & Co., Inc. or call 1-800-253-2187
  • Online at Barnes and Noble
  • Online at Amazon.com
  • Online at University Book and Supply, 1009 W. 23rd, Cedar Falls, Iowa 50613, or call 1-800-728-7581.

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