A dysfunctional X in a world of normality...

In my deep end you'll be drowning...

~P.J. Harvey

well, you found me...but the real question is, Now that you found me, what are you going to do with me... ?

Everything is now revamped, I guess... There are now sections of Anne Sexton's poetry and my poetry...and well go here if you care who I am...

The list of homepages is still here... but I'm not sure if they all work.

I have also joined an internet group called Six Degrees. It is amazing. Ever heard of the concept that everyone in the world is connected by six people or less? Well, this puts it into action. Look me up when you get there!


Some of you know I have started an online gaming chatroom type thing with several other people and I just wanted to post Delilah Stephenson's Character Sheet up for anyone who wanted to see her.

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The Chatroom I frequent
(usually under the letter X or a variation of it...)

Through The Looking Glass
(As per request...)

List of Homepages...

Into The Maelstorm I hope these guys don't mind that I linked them. This is the LARP I play and the Storytellers for SheVaCon.

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