Welcome to my
Family & Community Homepage!

Last updated July 13, 1999
This page is dedicated to my loving husband and my wonderful step-sons Justin Lee and Brandon Lee.

It is also dedicated to promote awareness in our communities, to wipe out Religious, Racial,
Gender and Size difference intolerance.
This site is about love, tolerance, spiritual
growth (of your own choosing) and community.
If you are intolerant, narrow minded, nasty,
or just plain mean spirited, then this
*is* the place for you! It is a chance for
you to hop on the CLUE BUS and take a free ride.
A ride through the minds of other people
who live through this type of intolerance
every single day. If you are searching for
your own core center of truth, this is
the place for you. If you are looking for
a place to learn new things and meet
new people, this is the place for you.
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Welcome to our community page!!!

Blessed Be!