Come in and bare your soles!

You'll notice LOTS of changes around here - for one my partner in crime has returned. Alrighty, guess what? Even bigger changes are on the way! We're finally gonna do the things we set out to do! New pictures, information, fiction, and sundry other delights await you. D-Day will be: October 15. Please don't be too harsh with us if that doesn't happen- but we promise to try!

We're also interested in POSSIBLY adding a personals section - please e-mail us for more details......

Foot Buddies - A Chicago-based group for guys with our interest in mind -----> Click here to see more, or here to e-mail the group directly.

Soles Saved:

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Footnotes: The last time we bared our soles and updated the page was 10/2/96.

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