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These pages are intended to:
  • provide information about transgender issues for individuals who are transgendered
    - and those who are interested in this subject.

  • provide details of my own story
    - as I know that many other TGs share my experiences and have found my comments helpful in coming to terms with their own situation.

  • provide links to other useful TG related pages
    - including my own Vanity Fair Site which sells wigs and other TG related products and Vanity Club UK for girls with a positive attitude to being TG.

  • links to questionnaires about YOUR TGism, your attitudes about it, how you feel etc.
    Please spare a few minutes to complete the form. Thanks

Please select the pages you are interested in viewing:

Research into TGism

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE! spend a few minutes completing this questionnaire. I believe that we NEED more accurate data about ourselves to educate the general public more effectively

Vanity Fair Site

These pages are on a paid for ISP to avoid the distraction of advertisements

  • Vanity Fair offers:
    • wigs and wig care accessories
    • beard cover
    • false nails
    • jewellery including expandable rings
    • TG Books in association with Amazon

Helen's Personal Story

  • My Background
    • personal history
    • coming to terms with transgenderism
    • incidents, some humorous; others potentially awkward
    • friends on the web
    • my diary from early 1997 covering accepting that I am TS rather than TV and coming out to friends, family and colleagues
    • my photogallery
  • TG Resources
    • TG Related web sites
    • Helen's Havens - my favourite venues in the UK
    • TG Related books
    • TG fiction by Helen - a few short stories with a TG theme
  • My Views:
    • What makes us TG?
    • Should you tell your SO?
    • I'm Glad I'm TG!
  • Unlocking the Closet
    • Nervous about going out?
    • My coming out episodes:
      • to friends
      • at work
      • at college
      • to family

1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001 Helen Dale
Please note that all information, photographs, graphics, copy and design of these pages is my copyright.
The material involved in this site represents many hundreds of hours of work. A fee of 100,000 (one hundred thousand pounds sterling) is payable for use without prior written permission and anyone using material without written permission is deemed to have accepted this fee.
Fees for use of material may be waived completely for those wishing to use it to promote greater understanding of transgenderism and related subjects.

Thanks for calling in to see me.

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