Welcome to the

Temple Of The Boot

These chambers are dedicated to that most glorious of footware-women’s boots. The policies of my gracious host forbid the display of nudity-so you won’t find any of that here. What you will find are pictures of beautiful women in magnificent boots (and the occasional pic of average women in mediocre boots-there’s no accounting for taste).

In addition, the brave voyager will delight in insightful essays on the cultivation, feeding and harvesting of that most sublime of peccadilloes: a boot fetish (or drooling rants by some sick freak-depending on your point of view).

Our(I have a mouse in my pocket) plans include links to other bootiful webpages and a guide to boots in the popular media.

But first, this caveat-these pages, while non-pornographic, deal with deviant sexuality. It is our (remember, me and my mouse) hope that the subject will be dealt with in a dignified manner. Of course we’ve been wrong before. In any event, if you are offended by frank discussions of a sexual nature or by the glorious image of wormy, insignificant males being crushed underneath the polished boots of cruel, haughty women (sorry, the mouse got carried away), you might be happier somewhere else. Of course if you really belong on this site, you found the link to the Gallery section first, and just came back here afterwords to see if you missed anything.

Of course, all portions of this web site are under-conversion (you thought I'd say that other "con" word). Also, all of these images were obtained on the Internet. If the copyright holder objects to their presence on this web page, please contact me at the e-mail address on the following page and the offending images will be removed at once.

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